Hi, I'm Dave...and I'm a Pinball-holic.

(Hi, Dave!)

Yes, I admit that I've been sinking hour upon hour into all twenty tables of Pinball FX2.

(Thanks to PlusXP)

I simply can't help myself.

I have huge scores on most of the tables, but not huge enough. I must have more. Ninety-nine million on the Fantastic Four table? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Sixty-two million on Captain America? YOU CAN DO BETTER, SOLDIER!

(Thanks to Frictionless Insight)

One of the cool things about this game is that you can not only compare scores with your friends who play, but their scores actually help you by adding to your "Pinball Wizard" score. You earn a Superscore by adding your high scores on all tables (590 Million, say), and then taking the first three digits of it (basically, your Superscore is how many millions of points you've scored, so I may never have it take the first four digits). Your Superscore, added to your friends', becomes your Pinball Wizard score. Superscore is also how you compare overall to your friends, though you can also compare scores on individual tables.

And that's where the addiction comes in, even more so than just trying to better my own scores.

See, I only have two friends that have played most tables, with another friend who has played a lot, but not most. Not long ago, I passed both of my friends in the Superscore category, and I was on top of the world. My avatar was even wearing a crown! 

(Thanks to Ian McKendrick)

I loved it, and I slowed down on my playing. I had accomplished everything.

Then one of my friends came back and just blew me away, getting so high up ahead of me that I'm not sure I can catch him.

But I must catch him. I must.

So now, after doing a level of Ms. Splosion Man and perhaps some Shadows of the Damned, I must get my nightly Pinball fix in before bedtime.

I play for an hour when I only meant to play for 30 minutes, because I keep almost bettering my high score on a table, but just not quite. I get 20 million on the first ball! Then only 6 on the next two, meaning that I fall just short of my high score (that happened last night). I get frustrated when the ball seems magnetically attracted to the drains so that I lose the ball.

It's probably unhealthy. But I don't care.

To quote that noted sage, Khan Noonian Singh, "He tasks me! He tasks me! And I shall have him"

I later luxuriate on my bed of real Corinthian Leather, but that's beside the point (extra bonus points for whoever gets that).

Akbirdman, you're going down. Even if it takes me years, I shall beat you.

Now, I don't need help with my addiction, folks. This is a perfectly healthy phenomenon!

No, I need help to raise my Pinball Wizard score. Having only two friends playing the game really hurts that. So if you play Pinball FX2, shoot me an Xbox friend request! My gamercard is on my profile.

Who knows? You may end up tasking me too.


As an aside, I wanted to express my appreciation to Andy McNamara and the Game Informer crew for choosing me as one of the first Community bloggers to be featured on the front page. It's a tremendous honour that I hope this post doesn't ruin ("Wait, we choose him and he gives us this s*it?" DELETE)

My nominee would be Shootist2600. I always enjoy reading his blogs; they're well-thought out with great writing as well. Don't always agree, but I do agree that he writes quality stuff!