I've been playing the hell out of L.A. Noire since it came out, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. The review will be coming at some point, though at the rate I'm writing reviews, I'm not sure when.

Anyway, everybody and their grandmother has been doing an L.A. Noire blog, so I'm not going to rehash all of that (my review will do that...ha!).

But I did want to highlight some interesting and weird occurrences that have happened while I've been playing it.

Keep in mind that I have just reached the second case of the Arson desk, so I'm almost done with the story, though I do have a lot of collectibles to find and cases to re-do in order to get 5 stars (d*mned vehicle damage).

1) Strangely subservient partner

So far, on every desk that I've been on, your partner hates your guts, or at least doesn't like you. Sure, a kind of respect develops, but they still complain about you all the time.

But with the magic of holding down the Y button when entering a car, all you have to say is "I have to look at my case notes" and he'll happily (or at least without a word of complaint) slide over and drive you to the next scene.

"You're an egomaniac Phelps! I don't like you, and I think what you did was horrible. I don't want a partner, and I certainly don't want YOU as a partner."

"You drive. I've got to go over the case notes."


2) People in Hollywood don't pay attention to sirens

Driving through Central LA can be easy when you've got your siren going. People actually pull off to the side. Other drivers don't make their turns in front of you. Oncoming traffic will wait for you to go into the intersection. For the most part, anyway.

Once you get on the Vice desk and Hollywood becomes your crime area, all bets are off! I've had people turn right in front of me as I'm barreling down the street with my siren going.

Don't get me started on the idiots during your car chases.

Have none of these people heard of "yield to emergency vehicles?"

Probably too busy calling their agent.

3) Sometimes your partner is forgetful

Phelps' partner on the Arson desk apparently does not have a good memory.

I did a couple of street crime cases with him during the first Arson desk case. Both of them, as is usual, involved shoot-outs.

So lo and behold, towards the end of the first case, he confesses to me that he hasn't fired his gun in years, and that he's a bit afraid.

Um, hello?

We just killed five bad guys not 10 minutes ago! Are you that stunned?

*knocks his head a couple of times*


Yeah, no wonder you're working Arson.

4) Your partner has a lot of patience, even though he hates your guts

You know the "drive 95 different vehicles" achievement? Have you ever been at a crime scene and seen a parking lot full of cars across the street? And then ran over, getting into each one to see if it was a new car to add to the collection?

Your partner gamely gets into each one (or tries to, as I'm often out of the car again before he can get there), and utters not one word of complaint. He might complain about the type of car (if you get into a InstaHeat delivery truck, for instance), but he'll never complain that you got into and got out of ten different cars before heading off to the next case location.

What a trooper.

It's this type of stuff that makes open-world games (or at least semi-open world) that much more fun.

And, sadly, why even the best video game storytelling will never replace books and movies.