I'm already a big fan of the latest incarnation of the hot trivia game called You Don't Know Jack, as you already know.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was coming to the mobile world! Yes, this game is now on the iPhone/iPad, and it loses nothing in the translation.

At least as far as quality goes. There are a few things missing from it otherwise. Most egregious is multi-player. There is no multiplayer whatsoever, though hopefully that will be added to future versions of it.

Also missing is the "Wrong Answer of the Game," where each episode is sponsored by some hilarious product (banana toaster, anyone?). During the game, there's one answer that goes along with this product. If you choose it, rather than losing money, you'll hit the jackpot! That's also not in the iPhone version.

The presentation is still as great as the console version of the game, though. Cookie Masterson once again hosts the show, making snarky comments when you get an answer wrong. The questions are still asked with that unique Jack style. There are commercials at the end of the game that are just as funny too.

Even better is how timely the questions are. I've only played three episodes so far, and already there's been a Rebecca Black question, an Elizabeth Taylor death question, Charlie Sheen, you name it!

Most importantly, the 20 episodes included are completely different than the console/PC version of the game. You won't be repeating yourself if you buy this game. Couple that with the promise that new episodes are coming and you can't go wrong with this.

You Don't Know Jack is fully supported by the Apple Gamecenter, so you can get achievements and stuff like that. While there is no multiplayer, you can still compare high scores with your friends in the app as well.

I gave the console version of the game a 9. This is just a step down from that, mainly due to the missing elements that I hope will eventually be added to the game.