Don't you hate it when you're playing a multiplayer game against one or two people and they leave before the game's over? Not a huge game, like Call of Duty or something, where a player or two leaving early is annoying, but not really that big of a deal, but just a 2-4 player game.

Sometimes, it can be a big boon, though, if you play your cards right. Not often, but sometimes.

Last night, I was playing some online You Don't Know Jack (an *awesome* game by the way, write-up to come once I've played it a bit more). I had two opponents. The first left around question 4 for some reason. Just got the brief "X has left the game" message. Not a big deal. Maybe something happened? He wasn't losing. In fact, we were pretty close.

Then it was just two of us. There was a hard question that came up, so I "screwed" my remaining opponent, meaning that he had to answer the question in 5 seconds or lose (and I would get the money, then get a chance to answer it myself). After that, the second guy left.

However, one of the things about this particular game is that it still sees you in a multiplayer game, even if you have no opponents (I don't know if you can actually *start* a multiplayer game this way, but I somehow doubt it). So it continued acting as if I had two opponents, even giving me the final scores of all three at the end.

So what's the "good thing" mentioned in the title?

One of the achievements for You Don't Know Jack is one called "Jack Attack Dog", which you get when you answer all of the Jack Attack questions correctly in a multiplayer game (this is the only round where you're competing directly against the other players to answer, as the other ones, you can all answer).

Since the game still saw me as being in a multiplayer game, even though I had no opponents, I got this achievement at the end!

Fifty points!


And thanks for the Gamerscore help.

Do you have any stories where players quitting early actually helped you out? And I mean more than just "that guy sucked anyway, and he was costing us points in Team Death Match"