As readers of yesterday's review of Costume Quest already know (and judging by the number of views, that's not many of you), I'm starting up a video game review blog.

It's called "Dave's Video Game Revue," and I've mostly posted some old reviews, just so I have some content. The Costume Quest review was the first "original" one posted there, but I will be posting some more too.

The main reason for this is because most of the readers of my regular blog (Dave's Buttoned-Up Mind) don't give a rat's ass about video games, so all of those posts there were left to die alone, unloved.

Yes, I posted them here as well, but as much as I love this community, it's kind of insular. You have to be a member to comment, and I didn't want to require people who normally don't visit this site to have to create an account just to say something.

Hence, the new site.

Don't worry. I'm not leaving GIO. In fact, my reviews will probably be cross-posted here too, just like they were before. And while I may post the occasional other video game article there, I'll definitely be posting most of my non-review stuff here (or cross-posting it, at least). So I'm not taking my stuff and going home or anything.

And I do have to admit one final reason I'm doing this.

Our good friend, Game Over....Continue, has managed to parlay his excellent reviews into a pretty nice gig for a video game web site, where they provide the games for him to review.

As I said in my comment on his announcement about this, I have a very similar relationship with a site that I review books for (don't worry, I won't post a link). It's very sweet, because you get the books for free and you get to keep them. You just have to make sure you review them.

So taking inspiration from Mr. Continue (can I call you "Game Over?"), I thought "what the hell? Maybe I might be able to do that too, for games?"

Does that make me greedy?


But if it doesn't happen, I think I'm still happy breaking things up the way I have. The readers of my other blog are, I'm sure, much happier now that they don't have that "icky" video game stuff to read about (or ignore, as the case may be).

So it's a win-win! (my new favourite phrase)

Check it out and let me know what you think. It's still slightly under construction, but I'd still appreciate feedback.

Note: 10 Million quatloos to whoever first recognizes what movie the parenthetical statement in the first sentence is referring to