Should reviewers have some knowledge of the history of what they're reviewing? Even just a little? Enough to know that, for example, graphics in an FPS have moved beyond the Doom 2 stage?

You would think so, but I guess that's not necessarily the case where the general media's concerned.

It seems that JP Mangalindan, the guy CNN got to do a review of the Nintendo 3DS, is lacking a bit of...shall we say historical insight...into the handheld gaming world.

According to Games Radar:

"If you want an opinion on the 3DS, would you trust a kid who thinks that there hasn't been a portable device which used a stylus since the days of Palm Pilots, the last system to use cartridge games was the Game Boy Advance, and that the 3DS design belongs in the 1990s? Apparently, it's good enough for the organization that calls itself 'the most trusted name in news.'"

Yes, that's right. Mangalindan blasts the 3DS for requiring cartridges, "something we haven't seen since the last Game Boy, pretty much." He also wonders why the 3DS uses a stylus, saying that's so totally 2001. I mean, why would you go back to Palm mobile device technology, for heaven's sake????? Everybody knows that everybody who is somebody uses touch screens now. There's no way anything with something as ancient as a *stylus* can actually be successful!

Oh, wait.

Did this guy lie about his knowledge level when CNN asked him to do this review? Or is the network so clueless that they would hire a caveman to review the latest mobile phone?

I go back to my earlier example. If the last FPS I played was Doom 2, should I really be reviewing Crysis 2? And if I was, should I be saying something like "the screen shows a first-person view of your gun pointed at the enemies you're facing. This hasn't been done since Doom 2, and I don't think a game can be successful using a technique that out-dated."

He finishes by asking whether it will sell, given all of the touch screen devices out there like the iPad/iPhone/iWhatever out there.

So the guy also doesn't pay any attention to technology news, considering the number of 3DS pre-orders there were.

Shame on Mangalindan for being so out of touch with things, yet putting his opinion out there anyway. Even if CNN didn't know he was this out to lunch, he had an obligation to tell them.

And if they *did* know it, then triple-shame on them for going forward with his review anyway.

Hell, *I* was available. They could have asked me. Sure, I haven't played any of the Nintendo handhelds, but at least I know what they are.

I figure that gives me a step up.