There have been some great changes made to the GI site recently. Some of them may not be *that* new (I admit, I've been very intermittent in my visits to the site recently), but they're new to me. Either I just noticed them, or I noticed them a short time ago but just haven't had the time to compliment the designers and mention them here.

Consider this post a note of my appreciation, and the hope that more is coming!

1) Able to share blog posts among various social media

This one isn't *that* new, but it's fairly recent, within the last couple of months.

You may have noticed, at the bottom of blog posts and news articles, some social media buttons. There's a Twitter button, a Facebook "Like" button, and a "Share" button that will let you share the article in over 300 different manners, from email to Digg to something called "Brainify" and so many others.

Many bloggers love to share their stuff with friends and followers, so these buttons are a godsend. With one click, you can send it to whomever you want.

Even better, the Twitter button recognizes when an article has been tweeted, even if you don't use the button to tweet it!

Say you've just copied the URL for the post and posted it via Hootsuite or some other Twitter application. The button will still recognize that it's been tweeted! Sweet!

Not only that, you can click on the number and discover just who tweeted your article. Up to a point, anyway. I think it wears off at some point, as I've clicked a number for an older article and it didn't return any results. But in the immediate future, you can see who's tweeting your stuff.


There are also buttons to follow GIO on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook, as well as an RSS feed button, though I'm not sure exactly what you're following with that button. It went all wonky in my Google Reader.

But the rest of the buttons are cool.

2) Ability to comment on comments left on your profile page, instead of having to leave a comment on their profile

Have you ever had somebody leave a comment on your profile page? Of course you have. And they often ask you a question, right? Then, you have to go to their profile page and leave a comment.

It's not very conducive to having a conversation, and if it goes beyond two posts, I'll often just start up a private conversation anyway.

Now you don't have to do that!

I just discovered the other day that you can comment on people's comments. No more do you have to go to their profile. Just like you can comment on a comment that somebody's left on your blog, you can now comment on their comment too. Now you can have a conversation on your profile page!

Unless, of course, you want that to be private anyway. But that's another story.

3) Your status updates also showing up on your Comments, which means they are no longer lost once you change them.

I also just noticed this the other day too. Your status updates now show up as "comments" on your profile, so you have a history of them.

This also allows people to comment on your status too, which is just ice cream on top of the cake. Now status updates actually *mean* something, and can spark a conversation all on their own.

That's one of the cool thing about Facebook, how you can put anything in your status (most people have learned that it's not just a "what are you doing?" type space any more) and people can comment.

Seeing it on GIO now is really great. It may make me update my status more often than I used to. I think I went a month without updating it at one point.

While these changes may not be *that* new, I still wanted to give a shoutout to GIO for implementing them.

I wonder what the site surgeons have on their plate next?