Some of you may remember that I'm actually a transplanted American. I'm originally from Iowa but I now live up here in rainy Vancouver.

I've been a subscriber to GI for a few years now, when I stopped in at a Gamestop one time while I was visiting home and the guy convinced me to get a card and a subscription. He didn't offer an international one, so I decided "sure" and put my parents' address on it. I've been getting it there ever since. I visit twice a year (sometimes three times), so every couple of issues I've had my mom send them up to me. Or, if I was coming home soon, I'd just wait until I was there and bring them back with me.

Needless to say, I was never current. Which wasn't necessarily a big deal until I became a member of the GIO community and felt a little out of the loop sometimes. People were talking about stuff in the "current" issue and I had no idea what they were talking about. Sure, I knew the "news" that they were talking about, but sometimes it wasn't news. It was one of the editors' opinions. Or a writer's particular take on the bit of news.

So I looked into international subscription rates so I could get it sent here.

I don't remember the exact price, but I think it was at least double the regular subscription rate. Yikes!!!!! I get OXM sent up here for basically the same price as I would in the States. I think it's $5 more ($29.95/year as opposed to $24.95). There was no way I was paying that subscription rate. So I resigned myself to being late.

Until GI announced the new digital edition of the magazine.

I was excited! Getting it on my computer? Getting it *up here* for the same price as if I was in the States? Where do I sign up????

I'm subscribed through September 2011, so I sent a friendly inquiry to the subscription people here at the end of December.

Since this story has a happy ending, I shall refrain from speculating on why they never answered, but they didn't.

A month and a half later, I think spurred by a comment somebody (maybe Saint? hence fulfilling my Saint-mention quota for my blog) made about something in the current issue, I decided to revisit the issue. Since the subscription people had never responded, I decided to take advantage of that social phenomenon known as Twitter.

I tweeted to our illustrious editor-in-chief, Andy McNamara, mentioning my dilemma and how I hadn't received any response. I asked if there was anything he could do, or anybody he could put me in touch with. I wanted to see if I could convert my current subscription and then, when I renewed, keep having it sent digitally. He tweeted back asking me to email him.

Keep in mind this was on a weekend.

Very early on Tuesday, I received an email from Jon in the subscription department, which included a chain of emails from Andy to somebody else and then to Jon, asking if I could be helped (the chain started on Monday, showing me that Andy started very quickly after returning to the office).

I now am a digital subscriber.

I have yet to click on the link (apparently there a bug in the service right now which only allows you to access the issue from the computer on which you clicked the link, and I haven't had a chance to do it on my home computer yet), so I can't say how the digital issue actually is.

But I wanted to publicly thank Jon, and especially Andy for being very quick to help a member of the site.

You guys are the best! And deserve a public kudos, not just the emailed kudos that I also sent.

So thank you!