Gee, it's Friday, so the irritating Michael Pachter must have opened his mouth.

(Yes, I know it's technically Saturday, but I wasn't able to post yesterday).

And yet again, he's talking about Call of Duty multiplayer! He's starting to sound like a broken record (or, for you young'uns out there, a really irritating, repetitive Dance Mix).

(Look out! Pachter's going to snipe you from the edge of the screen!)

This is really starting to get old, this misrepresentation of what Activision says compared to what this guy thinks they will do.

According to the GI article:

"Activision made some waves with its announcement of Beachhead Studios, a new division designed to provide online "content and services" for the company's Call of Duty franchise."

They quote an article on G4 where Pachter states that this "absolutely is charging for multiplayer."

And, of course, the fans are up in arms, like the trained seals they seem to be sometimes. Though I'm heartened to see there are a lot more "Pachter is an idiot" comments on the GI article than there usually are.

Of course, they leave out this quote from Kotick (thanks to Dan Amrich at One of Swords, Activision's Community Manager) that says that Project Beachhead is “focused solely on the development of an innovative new digital platform and social services for our Call of Duty community.”

Gee, what could "new digital platform" mean? Somehow, I don't think it means "we're going to make you pay for what you're already getting for free!"

To me, it sounds like some kind of MMO-type experience, or a new way of experiencing what Call of Duty has to offer. It does not mean "What you're getting now? We're going to start charging you for it. Or taking away stuff and making you pay to get that stuff back." All of those quotes that Pachter uses can easily be describing this new experience that they're coming up with. Not the current multiplayer format.

Especially considering fan reaction every time this rumour comes up (or Pachter opens his gaping pie-hole), can you imagine the reaction of Activision went back on Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg's word regarding *never* paying for CoD multiplayer?

"Are we going to be charging for multiplayer? The answer is no. The experience you have out of the box, connecting with the online community to play Call of Duty is absolutely integral to the experience and we'll never charge for that. It's not going to be something we'll attempt to monetize; it's part of the package"

That's a pretty definitive statement to later say "oh, never mind" about.

Yet every time Pachter vents his noxious fumes, the games media picks it up and runs with it. And the fans go nuts, overreacting, not reading, not doing their own research, and basically acting like Chicken Little.

It's getting really frustrating.

I'm also getting really tired of hearing this guy's name out there. What was the last non-obvious prediction he's publicly made that has actually panned out?

Finally, the knee-jerk anti-Activision reaction is really getting on my nerves. They have done bad things (I won't bring up my usual example). Kotick is not my favourite person in the world. But c'mon! Think a little bit before you criticize. Sometimes the criticism is warranted. Other times, you come off as an idiot who can't think for him/herself.

*gets down off my soapbox, knowing that I'm going to have to drag it out again at some point*