There are a *lot* of Black Ops blogs out there, saying a lot of things I could already say (and I'm sure lots that I would disagree with too).

I'm not going to review the game, or the multiplayer, because it's all been done before. I would just be adding to the cacophony.

So here are just a few points, observations, and funny crap that I thought I would share with you.

1) Everybody's got a "favourite map" blog (though perhaps not spelled in that elegant English manner), and the consensus seems to be that Nuketown is the best map.

While I really do enjoy it, it's not my favourite. Yes, it's fun to blow the heads off mannequins:

but my favourite would have to be Summit.

It's the map I do best on, so maybe that's why I like it. But I love the frozen feel to it, the three different routes to get where you're going, the feeling of "one wrong step and you die" on the two narrow lanes (one on each side of the map). I got an assisted suicide medal for (I assume) forcing somebody off of the cliff.

It's not as small as Nuketown, but it's small enough that the action is still intense.

I love it. Despite the complaining I hear in some lobbies while we're waiting for the game.

2) I have found that I cannot have an "average" game in this game for some reason. I either suck horribly (2-15, anyone?), getting killed again and again and again, or I do really well, with a decent K/D ratio. Obviously, I'm talking about Team Deathmatch, as K/D doesn't really mean anything in games like Sabotage (I don't play HQ or Domination). Even if I do end up 10-10 or something like that, it's either me starting off *really* well and then tanking, or saving myself after a dismal start.

And is there anything as disheartening as going 12-4 in one round and then going 3-20 in the next? Yikes, talk about falling back down to earth!!!

3) I'm finding that I really prefer Hardcore to the regular games, because it forces me to actually think before shooting. In the regular games, you can just spray if you see an enemy in close quarters with a teammate and you don't have to worry. Hardcore makes you pick your shots.

It's also really helpful if you have a mic so you can apologize if you accidentally do teamkill somebody.

And just a note to you losers out there: If somebody on your team kills you and apologizes for it, how about accepting the apology with courtesy and just moving on? I had an instance last night where I did that, accidentally shooting somebody and apologizing. He comes up later and shoots me three times. And since he was the host, he couldn't be kicked. Thankfully, after the attempted kicking, he mellowed out, but geez.

Even if the guy doesn't apologize (maybe he doesn't have a mic?), it's very possible it was an accident, so why not give the guy the benefit of the doubt? Unless it's point blank in the head or something. *Then* you might have an issue.

So who here prefers hardcore over regular?

4) Finally, the main reason for this blog. I didn't want to blog just about this, but I found this hilarious. I saw this on Games Radar:

What an embarrassing way to die. And now, it can all be caught on video a lot easier than it was before!

I do feel sorry for him, though. Lying there, waiting for the medic. Then BOOM! Right in the crotch.

That's gotta hurt.

Yes, yes, I hate the "throw a grenade right at the start because somebody might be charging at you" as much as the next guy.

But this time, it was definitely worth it.

Any funny kills that you've had? My best one, though it wasn't "funny" exactly, was a kill on Nuketown that I wrote about in a comment on Saint's Nuketown post. In the backyard of the green house, there's a garden on the edge of the map. Then, along the side, there's a small picket-fence enclosure that could be a hanging garden or something (it's taller than a man). I saw a guy run from me to hide back there, getting ready to kill me as I went around the corner. Instead, I started firing through it, and heard the distinctive "clang" of a headshot. Got my "X-ray vision II" completion as well. It was super-cool.

But I've seen better ones out there. I'm sure you all have some.