I was playing this one level of Splosion Man last night (yes, I downloaded it, and yes, it is an awesome platformer...review to come when I'm finished).

Actually, playing and *dying* a lot in this one level, but I digress.

Anyway, as Splosion Man plummeted to his death by razor blade for the 2 millionth time (I could be exaggerating), I got to thinking about something.

I really felt sorry for him.

I mean, he keeps on dying! What is it like to go through life constantly having to be reincarnated at the beginning of a level? Is he getting tired of it? Is it just a fact of life for him?

What about when you hit a hard level in Call of Duty or Battlefield, maybe the "Mile High Club" mission on Modern Warfare on veteran.

Does the guy feel like doing this to you, the game player?

("Stop getting me killed, idiot")

What is life like for these characters when you're not constantly getting them killed?

Does Mario actually do any *real* plumbing, or is he retired? Does Lara Croft really sit in her mansion and go over the relics she's unearthed when you're not putting her through her paces.


And when it's time to begin the game, do they sigh and try to look for any way out, because they know that they are doomed to die over and over and over and over and over (SLAP)...sorry.

Let's hope they never get organized! 

("We quit!")

So do I have company in this, feeling sorry for the video game characters that we keep killing?

Or am I alone and this is just a product of the pizza I had last night?

Wait, what's that? Oh, hi Ezio! Ummm...what?

What sharp daggers those are...Huh?  Oh sh-----------------