There's been a lot of tension in the GI blogging community over the last few days. While I don't have a lot to say about it, I do have something, so I thought I'd do a "items too small for their own blog posts" post, for your reading pleasure (or displeasure, or indifference).

1) User Blogs

It's no secret that things have been really slow here lately, as far as user blogs go. Saint's understandable disappearance, coupled with a few of the other regular bloggers slowing down, really turned it into a wasteland for a while. I knew it was bad when a post I wrote two days before was still on the front page later in the week.

This has also led to a few questionable blogs being posted, a couple of which I've responded to.

For me, a blog is a good blog if it does one of two things:

a) provides an interesting comment on something going on in the world, or is an interesting story about something

b) provoke discussion (as long as it's not provocative just for the sake of being provocative).

Thus, I don't have a problem with rather short posts that just present something for discussion, as long as the post actually *contributes* to the discussion as well. Don't just post a question. Give us your answer to it. How do *you* respond to the question/topic you're talking about?

But there should be some purpose to it. Don't copy and paste something and present it as your own. Even copying and pasting something and giving credit is bad, because it adds nothing to the grand conversation. But not attributing it is even *worse*. Don't just give us a list of something. Tell us *why* you're listing it. Got a list of games you're going to get?  Tell us why you're getting it.

2) Post Frequency

I also think there should be a limit of two a day. With things slow right now, multiple posts aren't *really* a problem, but I do think you should generally moderate yourself. There is a scheduling function on the blog so you can write something and make it go out at a later time/date. Use it.

And hey, you'll look like a regular blogger, with a post a day for three or four days!

Posting more than two in a day is just flooding, and when blogs are few and far between, you're just needlessly running other blogs off of the front page. Be considerate to your fellow bloggers. When the User Blogs are more frequent, you're pushing even more of them off the front page.

It's annoying, and not fair to the rest of us.

3) Complaints?

Unless you have an unusual or just plain laugh-out-loud funny take on this whole User Blog issue, does it really help to post a blog complaining about it?

4) Blatant Plug

Finally, it's been a blogging Sunday for me, with this being my third post. Over on my other blog, I did my weekly humor posting about bad music (ok, not all of it's bad, but a lot of it is). Yeah, the humor's probably bad too, but I try. If you want to see a different side of me, go here. And feel free to go through all of the other ones too, if you want. Today's wasn't my best, but I still think it's pretty good.

I won't complain.

(Note: I am writing this immediately after finishing my Comic Jumper post, but I'm scheduling it to come out later tonight to avoid posting too much at once. So keep that in mind if any user blogs that come out between now and then make this seem a little dated. See how that works?)