Say you are one of my Twitter followers (link's on my page!) or friends with me on Facebook. Do you really care what trophy I just unlocked while playing Uncharted 2? Do you want to see an announcement every time I blow somebody off the road in Blur?

Ok, sure. We're all gamers here, so maybe you might care about that. But what if it's a game you have no interest in? Or say, just as an example (and I *know* this will be hard to imagine), you weren't a gamer. Would you want to see my NCAA Football dynasty updated all the time?

Many games are doing that now, integrating with Facebook or with Twitter (and often both), letting you tell everybody your latest gaming accomplishment. And when I say that they're doing this, I mean that it's *in* the game. You can do it from the Main Menu, or you can even do it *as it happens*. You can even have it set up so that, when you earn a trophy or achievement, it automatically posts it. Is that insane or what?

Is this really a good thing? I currently have 360 followers on Twitter, ranging from friends to political people to people who follow me for other reasons that I may not know about. Why would they care about unlocking PS3 trophies? Sure, some gaming people follow me as well, but they're a very small minority.

It's even worse on Facebook. A few of my friends are gamers, but not many of them. Why would they want their newsfeed cluttered with my video game posts? I have my blog posts (not this one, but my regular blog) automatically posted to my Facebook site, but those are of such varying topics that it's very possible that something will interest them. But my Xbox achievements? Why should they care?

I think there are gaming sites or apps that allow you to follow your friends' video game achievements, and of course you can do so on Xbox Live if you go to their profile. Though really, who actually does that as a habit? I glance at them if I happen to go to a friend's page for some other reason, but I never go just for their achievements.

I love the fact that this stuff is publicly available, and I love showing of my gamercard (it's on my blog, for example). But that's a passive thing. People can go look if they want to. It's not thrust right in front of their face. In fact, i have my gamercard on my Facebook profile. but again, nobody has to look at it if they don't want to.

What do you think of this type of integration? Would you use it? do you? Or do you think it's a waste of time?

And what do you think of your friends/colleagues/people you follow who actually do use this?

*edit* I added some stuff to the "Many games are doing this now..." paragraph.