Wasn't sure what to blog about today.  So, when in doubt, blog about somebody else's blog!

In this case, it's Games Radar's post yesterday about Games that Didn't Need Zombies.

Are you getting tired of zombies in your video games?  Or just generally in your life? (I know you've worked or went to school with a few...we all have)  I know I'm getting a bit sick of them.  Didn't stop me from using them in a blog, but they're starting to wear on my nerves.

Sure, they can be funny sometimes.

But still, can't they be given a bit of a rest?

They are a staple of games like the Resident Evil series (are they called zombies in that game? I don't know, but they essentially are), and Left 4 Dead and Zombie Apocalypse. And of course they've got some games coming up, like Dead Rising 2.  

Ok, sure.  You want to make a zombie game?  Fine.  Knock yourself out.  I probably won't buy it, but do what you have to do.

But why do they have to be shoehorned into other, good games?  And then have their names changed?  Some examples on the Games Radar list are the "Freaks" in Crackdown 2 or the "Descendants" in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.  Haven't played Crackdown, but these were incredibly annoying in Uncharted.  When they were called "The Flood" in Halo, they were also irritating beyond belief.  For me, Halo 3 went from a really great game to a crushing bore during the level where you're making your way through the masses of Flood.  I have never been so thankful to be done with a level as I was then.

But the example they use that I really want to talk about are the "Husks" in Mass Effect.  I swear I almost threw my controller through the TV when they first appeared, shambling their way toward you in that mindless fashion that all good zombies do (even if they're not called zombies).

Why can't they be more original?  I loved a bunch of the other enemies that Bioware gave us in the Mass Effect series.  Why zombies too?  They even have the same blank look on their faces.

My least favourite areas of Mass Effect 2 are the platforms where you're swarmed by husks and their controllers (can't remember what they're called right now).  They just annoyed me to no end.

Anyway, take a look at the Games Radar article, and then tell me if there are any other examples you can think of where the game company forces zombies into their gameplay.  And does it annoy you as much as it does me?