A shoutout to you, the little people...um, I mean great people on this site.

I've been posting here a *lot* this past week, but I have been neglecting my "mainstream" blog.  Until today, I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday.  Today, I posted a status update that included the following sentence:

"Lately, most of the topics that have been occurring to me are related to video games, and specifically to hardcore gaming (in other words, of even less interest to my normal reader here than most of my other video game posts). Thus, I've been posting those to my Game Informer blog (if you're a gamer, you should really check it out!) We've formed a nice community over there, and the feedback has been a lot more than I get here."

That got me to thinking just how much at home I feel here, and I think a large part of that is thanks to you.

I've only been here since the end of May, but you all have made me feel welcome, and I can't thank you enough for that.

One of the things bloggers love to have is readers, or page views in this case.  It's a concrete way to see that people are at least clicking on what you are saying.  They may not have an opinion, and they may click away almost immediately, but somebody was curious enough to go there.

Most important, though, are the comments.  While I love the compliments some of you have left me recently, what I love even more is the fact that you engage in something that I've written, agree or disagree, and were moved to post in response to it.  That definitely makes me feel good. (Don't worry, I'm not going to turn into Stuart Smalley anytime soon).

We've got a great blogging community here on GI.  Sure, there are some rather strange ones, ones that seem almost unnecessary, but I wouldn't say that's the majority.  And even if you're not blogging, you're responding, and that's just as important too.  I love the give and take that we have here.

Many have lamented the state of the site recently, and I've commented that I don't see as much of the bad stuff as they do.  It seems to me (and maybe I'm wrong) that most of that is relegated to the forums, which I rarely go to.  The blogging community we have here is top notch, and I salute you all for it.

Video gaming has become one of my passions in recent years, and just not that many readers of my regular blog have any interest in gaming whatsoever.  Thus, those posts have generally gone unread, or at least comment-less.

So it's nice to have found a home for something that I truly enjoy writing about.

Thank you all.

(Why do I feel like Sally Field right now?  And I hope I haven't dated myself with that reference.)