Ugh.  I hate hype machines about upcoming games.  Don't get me wrong.  I love previews where we see screen shots and get some idea of what the story's going to be about.

But hype?  Claims of "this game is going to change the world of first person shooters forever!" or "You will never play a role-playing game as deep as this one" just turn me off.  I'm even less likely to buy the game after that unless it gets really great reviews and recommendations from people I trust.

What's one thing that can change that viewpoint?  Seeing game footage in action might really help.

Which brings me to Bulletstorm, the upcoming Epic FPS that has gotten a *lot* of hype, and it's not even coming out until next February!  To be honest, I had kind of tuned it out, seeing post after post with Bulletstorm in the headline.

For some reason, browsing through the GI News page, there was a Bulletstorm article that caught my eye and made me stop.  I saw the article where Epic's Cliff Bleszinski does commentary for the E3 demo of the game.  Go to the page and take a look at the 6 minute video.

And start drooling.

This game just looks beautiful (watch it when that huge wheel comes tumbling after you) and it looks like the gamer will be able to delight in the wonderfully destructive different ways of killing adversaries.  And you get points for being creative!  Electrocute them by kicking them into a power station, use your whip to blow them into the air and then shoot them like Skeet balls.  You just have to wonder what else they'll come up with.

I'm not one to let a 6-minute pre-release video make up my mind on whether or not I'm going to buy a game.  But I do know that it's moved me closer to it than I was.  I really look forward to seeing this game in action, and it's moved from my "eh, I may take a look at it" column to the "I will definitely look closely at this title" column.

Believe it or not, it does take a lot to make me move even that far with this much time before the release of the game.

Now excuse me while I wipe this drool off my face.

(This is my promised, though much-delayed, post about something that's actually on Game Informer, since I've references so much Games Radar stuff in my blog...penance achieved).