No, this isn't a post saying that I'm leaving GI or anything like that (and hopefully this text also being visible will make it so that nobody thinks I am).

I'm talking about leaving a multiplayer game early, without any notice whatsoever.  Can there be anything more irritating than getting in a good game with somebody and then having them just up and quit on you?

Ok, yeah, there are worse things than that.  But it's plenty annoying!

Yes, I understand that sometimes you don't have a choice.  Sometimes your Xbox freezes.  Sometimes your wife calls and needs your help RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  (Hopefully not to discuss something that can wait...doesn't she know that you're gaming????).

The ones I hate are the ones that are losing a game, or are on a team that is getting owned by the other team.  I remember CoD games where it was me and one other person sticking it out against 5 or 6 other guys because the rest of my teammates quit on us.


My very first online experience was playing 2K Sports' NCAA Baskeball 2008 against somebody.  We were having a pretty good game (not realistic in the slightest, but what can you do?).  We actually were going to overtime or it was close going into the last couple of minutes.  Then, my Xbox decides to freeze on me.  I felt horrible.  I also got negative feedback for quitting early.  While I know the truth, there's no way that he could know.  So I don't blame him for the negative feedback.  (And I know it was him because I didn't have any other online events).

I haven't really thought about it for a while, but tonight I decided to test out my new mic and play some Magic: the Gathering online.  I got into a 4-player match, and we managed to take out one of the players.  Then, one of the remaining players just up and quits.  Did his machine freeze?  I don't know.  I didn't leave negative feedback, in case you're wondering.  Partially because I don't know what happened.  (Incidentally, nobody was talking so I didn't get a chance to try out my mic anyway).

Stories are rampant about people going into ranked matches on (fill in the game here) and quitting early when it's obvious they're about to lose.  It's become so bad that game companies are addressing it in myriad ways, from declaring that a loss to not giving the quitting player any experience points (like in CoD) and I'm sure they're thinking of other ways as well.  It's not fair to the other player when they don't get to reap the rewards of their victory because you're an ass.

Obviously, this can be mitigated by only playing with your friends, but that's not always feasible (not to mention that you usually can't play ranked matches that way, though I guess that depends on the game).

I doubt any quitters will expose themselves here, but if you are one, I'd love to know the mindset.  And if you're not, don't you hate it when somebody does that to you?  Isn't it frustrating?

There are a couple of instances where I think quitting like that is ok, and they can only happen in a team game like CoD.  I remember CoD 3, there was at least one map where your team could get cornered (it was the one with large bridge).  There were quite a few times where a team would get stuck in one spawn point and, if the other team managed to get it surrounded, there was literally no way to get out of there.  The other team would just be padding their kill counts.  That's a problem with the map and the spawn points, though, and it's an unusual circumstance.  

The other one is where the opposing team is obviously just toying with you to pad their kill counts, like in Sabotage (CoD) where you're completely outmatched, but all they're doing is killing you.  Again, they may have you surrounded, or just be completely outclassing you.  Instead of planting the bomb, they're just increasing their stats.  If you're not going to compete in the spirit of the game, I'm not going to add to your kills.  I'm out of there.

Ah, yes.  Players playing for their own stats rather than the object of the game?  That's yet another post.