Gee, I complain about a lack of blogs and then I miss a day.  Don't I feel like a hypocrite.

Anyway, I'm wondering how many of you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, things like that) a lot?  Or at all?

On my "home" blog, I'm kind of considered a social media guru (though that's kind of like the one-armed man leading the no-armed people in my case), but I haven't really talked about it much on here.  I do list my Twitter account on my GI profile and I do have a Facebook account that I use for mainly family and friends, but also for people I've met online.  I have to know them a bit more than just "in passing" before I accept a request, of course.  It doesn't have to be much, but I have to have interacted with them in some capacity.

While I like Facebook, I love Twitter, and I subscribe to a number of video game Twitter accounts (including GI, of course), and I get a lot of my news from there.  I still check the web sites, but more and more often it's the tweeted article links that I follow up on.  That's how I discovered that Talk Radar audio sketch about Alan Wake, as well as a lot of other stories.  It does save me time browsing the web sites, because a lot of the articles I've already read.  I subscribe to GI, Games Radar, Gamepro, and a few individuals who post video games links as well.

Twitter's also how I follow some politicians, as well as a few celebrities and authors (more authors than celebrities), along with friends and other people who have similar interests.  I did a series of Twitter posts on my blog (here, here, and here) that can serve as an introduction if you're interested but haven't taken the plunge.  If you do, look me up!  And if you're already there, let me know.

Facebook is pretty self-explanatory and is so common that I doubt I have to go into too much detail.  So my question about that is: do you play any of the "social" games on there, or do you just use it for friends/family and pictures?  I have to admit that I'm a Word Twist addict, though I only play with one person (that's because nobody else I know is really into it).  Other than that, and the occasional Family Feud game, I tend to stay away from it.  Farmville is from the devil, as are the rest of those types of games.

Foursquare and other location-based social media apps are quickly becoming the rage.  When you go someplace, you "check-in" (either on your phone, using the Foursquare app, or I guess you could later on the web).  You earn points for each check in, and potentially badges as well.  If you've got friends on Foursquare, they will see where you are and can potentially come and meet up.  Or you can leave tips or "to do" things at the locations you go to, and others can see them when they go to the same place.  

If you go somewhere a lot and check in there, you can become "Mayor" of that location, until such time as somebody else goes there more and ousts you.  Some businesses are really getting into it and offering discounts to Mayors of that location.  Like if you're the Mayor of the Starbucks on 3rd and 58th street, you can get 10% off your purchases. (not a real example, but that's how it works).

Video games are increasingly getting into the social media business, whether it's becoming a "fan" of a certain game/site/company on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and even in the games themselves.  Uncharted 2, Blur, and some other games offer you the option of Tweeting your accomplishments or posting them to Facebook.  There are even gaming social sites where you can socialize with your fellow gamers, posting your Xbox gamertag or PS3 trophy collection on them.  I wouldn't be surprised if soon almost every game has this function, where you can interact with your social media friends from within the game.  You can even access your Twitter and Facebook account from your consoles!

There are so many new social media functions and apps out there that it's almost overwhelming.  Chatroulette, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and so many others.

Are you a Social Media Luddite?  Or do you devour as much of it as you can?  Or are you somewhere in the middle, with a Facebook account and that's about it?

If you're on Twitter, you can always follow me.  And for Facebook, feel free to shoot me a friend request if you want.  If I "know" you on here, I'd be happy to accept it (though you may want to identify yourself with the request if your GI name isn't on there anywhere).  You can find me through my blog.

P.S. It was awesome when I realized that my GI blogs were going out under the GI twitter account.  Almost felt like I had arrived yet again.