This is going to be one of those multiple topics, almost stream-of-consciousness grab bag posts

1) GI Blogging

Is it just me, or is the posting of blogs on GI really slowing down?  Maybe I'm mis-remembering the glory days of a month ago when I started, but there just doesn't seem to be that many people posting blogs here recently.  I took the day off yesterday (partially due to being busy, partially for having nothing to say, and partially because we spent half the night getting our new computer set up (more on that later)).

In that time period between my last post (Thursday morning) and this one, there were only eight blog posts, and two of those were Saint's regular awesome posts.  I could have sworn the blogs were a lot more active a month ago, but I guess I could be wrong.  I could be looking at that time with "oooooo coooooool!" newbie glasses.  It just strikes me as odd.

I love devouring what you all have to say!  So I want you to say more of it.  Yes, I'm demanding, but at least I'm demanding in a good way.  I love the back and forth of one person inspiring another person to blog, whether it's just the act of blogging or whether it's an inspiration for a specific post.

Either way, get moving, people! 

Ok, ok, that was too harsh.  Would it help if I said "please?"

2) So we bought a new computer last night, from one of the computer shops in Vancouver, not one of the big retail stores like Future Shop or Best Buy like we had previously. They installed Windows for us and everything, so it was ready to go out of the box.  I get it hooked up and running pretty well.  We were just going to take the hard drive out of the old computer and put it in a standalone USB box so we can access it with our new computer.  Then I would just transfer things like our browser bookmarks and iTunes stuff over.  Piece of cake, right?

Wrong.  And I don't think we're ever going to buy a computer from a retail store again.  You can't get into the d*mned thing!

The wife is the "hardware" person in the house, handling installation of drives, etc.  She opens the sucker up and realizes that there are screws in there where there should never be screws.  They are impossible to get to!  Any tool that she would use to try and unscrew them would be too big to try and get in there.  Stubborn PC vs p*ssed off can guess who won that battle.  It was not pleasant to watch.

I think they do this so you have to go to them to upgrade anything (though I assume the computer shops could do it too, so they're certainly not guaranteed your business).

Anyway, with hard drive finally out, we got it hooked up to the computer, and spent a lot more time trying to track down our bookmarks and iTunes settings.  Not because we didn't know where they were.  No, it was because Windows 7 kept telling us that we didn't have access to the folder that they were in.

All ended well, though, and we're up and running (though my iPhone apps layout was totally messed up and took me a while to get back to the way I had it)

3) With the July 1 holiday coming up (yes, that is a holiday up here in the Frozen North), we're thinking of going to see 2 movies: Knight & Day and The Last Airbender on that day.  Yeah, we're not huge Tom Cruise fans, but the trailer looked kinda funny and it seems like it's going to be one of those mindless popcorn action-comedies that goes down well on a summer afternoon at the metroplex.  As for The Last Airbender, we're not usually ones for M. Night Shyamalan movies either (he often seems to disappear up his own backside, which is actually quite a feat!), but this one looks intriguing.

It's either those or Twilight and The A Team.  No thanks.

Is it just me, or this not a great summer for movies?  I think Salt and The Expendables are the only movies that we're truly looking forward to.

A shame, really.

Ok, I guess I'll wrap this up before it gets too long.  I have to get back to gaming, so I can figure out something to write tomorrow!