And you don't even have to have played the game to find it hilarious.

A little while back, I did a post about the seemingly endless "collection" quests that so many games have us do, inspired by an audio that Talk Radar did making fun of the whole thing (as well as other aspects of Alan Wake).

The guys over there decided to post this awesome piece on Youtube, so here it is!

Not that there are any sensitive ears, but consider yourself warned that there is a bit of salty language in it.

Any Xbox player who hasn't been living under a rock probably has a basic knowledge of what the story is about, with Alan being a writer with writer's block who takes his wife to a secluded town in Oregon, and has to fight off dark nasties and find his wife when she disappears.

It's well worth the 5 minutes, even if you've never played it.  I haven't.  And I still laughed my ass off, even the second time I heard it.

And I promise to write about something GI-related later today.  Don't mean to litter the site with references to another one.