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First day back at work after almost a week off sick, and things are really piling up.  Tonight, I probably won't have access to the computer for much time, so here's a post that I generally call "Potpourri" on my home blog.  Just some little postie-things that make up a bigger post.

1) GI Online seems to be *really* lagging over the last couple of days.  I can't count the number of times I've gotten the error screen when trying to call up the User Blogs screen.  So far, the forums seem to be ok, but I wonder what's going on?  And hopefully they'll be fixing it soon.  Yesterday was a really slow day.  I posted a blog late Saturday night and then was doing a post yesterday afternoon.  Twelve hours, and both of my posts were one right after the other on the User Blog page.  What, is everybody at E3?  I noticed there have been some postings since, but I haven't checked since this morning, mainly because I can't get on the !#%!%@#% page!

That just makes me want to do something nasty...

Which brings me to...

2) Wow, people must really be interested in Red Dead Redemption's ending.  My post on the ending has 332 views last I looked, almost triple my highest view count for posts before.  I was very shocked.  Only a couple of comments, though.  Come on, guys. I want to know what you think!  Not only about the specifics of the ending, but how Rockstar implemented it (mainly, those last few missions).  I'm not sure what to make of so many views, though I am gratified.

Now to see what I can come up with to match that number!

No, no scantily clad females or salacious headlines.  Even I have some standards.


Ok, maybe not that many standards.

3) I've been on the site for 3 weeks now (wow, that short of a time?  Seems like forever).  I have to thank those of you who have welcomed me, especially Tactical Rash for reading my s*it before anybody else was, and Saint for being an inspirational blogger, both great guys.  But also the rest of you.  For some reason, I'm always leery of sending out friend requests to people I haven't interacted with much on the site but who look like cool people.  I notice some of you are friends with some of the GI people on here, but I don't know if there's any etiquette or protocol for something like that.  Is there any?

I've looked around the forums and yes, there are a few "interesting" characters around, but so far this seems to be the most normal site I've visited, at least as far as a community feeling goes.  I feel like I belong here.

Now everybody get in a circle and start chanting Kumbaya....

Wait, wait, where are you all going?????? Come back!

Ok, maybe I should call it quits before I alienate everybody else...