After reading Saint's ode to the wonder that is the Worms franchise (or at least the first couple of games), i was intrigued, but wasn't really interested in tracking the game(s) down. There's just so much other stuff to play!

But last night I was looking at the Xbox Deals of the Week, and discovered that Worms 2: Armageddon is 50% off!  That's right, you can get this gem for only 400 MS Points ($5).  There are some other great deals, too.  Peggle is also 400 MS points, 50% off.  It's well worth the 800 points, so it's a must-buy for 400.  I became addicted to that game very easily.  And if you like that, you need to get the expansion, Peggle Nights.  Also an awesome game.

Check out the Deals site for more good stuff (though it's stuff I won't be getting). 

I played a couple of quick Worms 2 matches and then the first 6 levels of the campaign.  This is a seriously funny game.  "Grenade!  Oh no!!!!!!" just had me in stitches.  Don't know how the game will fare as time goes on, but for now it's a nice break from Red Dead Redemption.

Thanks for the recommendation, Saint!  I wouldn't have even thought of buying this without your post (and, indirectly, Legion reminding you of it).