So I'm level 5 now.  For some reason, despite the "Points System" post stating that Subscribers have their blog posts show up on the main Blog page from the very beginning, that hasn't been happening.  I'm assuming they've changed that but haven't updated the post. How about it, Game informer?

Anyway, I've been laboring away, working my way up to Level 5, and trying desperately to do it without the standard "filler" stuff that many people do in cases like this.  I'm not a point w*ore and I don't like posting things just to get points (though I have to admit that I did force myself to leave my thoughts more often that I might have otherwise, though the thoughts themselves were genuine).  I'm pretty sure I didn't post any "Oh yeah, I definitely agree!" comments without actually addressing what I agreed with or why.  I try not to do that, but we are all human, aren't we?  Well, except you aliens hiding among us, anyway.

Unlike a lot of people who are working their way up the points ladder, I not only did forum posts and blog comments, but I did my own blogs as well.  Most of them never to be seen, though there were a couple that got major hits for some reason.  Not sure exactly why.

I'd love it if you just went and browsed those past entries, but in case you're not interested in that, there are a couple I would like to point out:

1) My Gaming Intro - this post tells you all about my gaming history.  Because for some reason a lot of people like to tell theirs, and I'm no different from them!

2) Journalistic Ethics - a post where I ask what I thought was an interesting question: if somebody from the media moves to "the other side" (i.e. joining a game company as a Community Relations Manager), should they never interact with their former media colleagues again?  Ok, i didn't put it quite like that, but hopefully that will entice you to take a look.

3) Replaying Games - This has actually received the most response so far, but I'd love more! Do you replay story-based games once you're finished?  If so, how many times? For some reason, I get bored doing a second run-through of a game like that.

4) Arrogance in Multiplayer - just a fun little post about something funny that happened to me playing Battlefield: BC2 multiplayer. 

That's just a sample. Feel free to check the rest out if you're so inclined.

And I hope to offer more posts (posts that will actually be seen) as time goes on.  Though I don't think I'll ever equal Saint's output.


But that's something to shoot for, anyway.