Everybody's got their pet peeves (God, I hate that phrase).  These things that just kind of tick us off, but don't truly make us irate.

When it comes to gaming, as well as this site, there's always plenty of ammunition for the easily ticked off. Here are some of mine:

1) I'm a subscriber to Game Informer magazine.  On the "Click here to learn more about our points system" page on this site, it says:

"And as a special thanks, subscribers’ blogs appear on the front page of our blog section right from the start. "

So why aren't my blogs showing on the list of "new blogs"?  Or is there some other "front page" that this is referencing?

But that's not the annoyance.  Ok, it's *an* annoyance, but it's not the one I'm talking about.

The annoyance is that I'm going to be up to Level 5 before I ever get an answer from anybody on this question, and thus the question will be a moot one.

Ok, I haven't asked too many places, but I did send a conversation note to somebody official and I did mention it in a comment on a blog post (a post about blogging on this site, incidentally) and no response yet.

2) When a game freezes right when you've just killed a boss at the end of a level, but before the game has been saved. 

Double the annoyance factor if you have to go through a bunch of the irritating minions again before hitting the boss, just because that's where the stupid checkpoint system decided the last save should be.

3) You're in the middle of a hot gaming session (I'm talking about intensity, not with a babe...get your mind out of the gutter!) when the wife starts talking about something serious with you.  And this issue is not an emergency, like her hair being on fire or something.  Just something that could be talked about at any time. Like "do we need a new car?" or something like that.

Double the annoyance if she gets miffed because you won't stop that stupid game to deal with said issue.

4) You have a hot new game waiting for you when you get home from vacation, but when you sit down to watch a little TV to unwind and have a little dinner before sticking said game into the console, your TV dies and is out for two weeks.

Double the annoyance if your other TV isn't HD and is stuck in the bedroom where there's no place to really sit and play games.

And that's just in the last two months!

What are some of yours?