Was playing some Battlefield: BC2 online tonight, and had something happen that I always love.  It happens to me a lot on Call of Duty as well.

For some reason, some guys just think that, rather than taking the easy way out, they want to do something "cool" and go for the melee kill.  There's no real reason for it (or maybe they're going for an achievement? I don't know).

Nothing's funnier than seeing some guy charge you with his knife out just going for that kill, and blasting him in the face with your gun.  Even funnier is when need to reload your main gun, so they think they have an easy kill.  For some reason, they seem to forget that you have a pistol, or they think you won't whip it out fast enough.

They're wrong.

I love it when that happens.  Is it because I come off as a "Newb" that they think this?  Or is it that common throughout the multiplayer world?

Probably throughout.

But there's a little part of me that likes to think it's them underestimating me, and that part gets great satisfaction in the headshot I get.