The gaming industry has progressed so much throughout the years that its became almost hard to imagine the future that is in store for us gamer's. The technology has grown way beyond what any of us would have imagined that it's unreal. I always knew growing up that I would probably be getting used to way different things even outside of gaming but never would I have thought that video games & consoles would take the turn through-out the years that they have. It's become almost as if things are getting so real it's hard to imagine what's reality or what's not. I know that we're not in the age of technology for jumping into the t.v.'s and playing as our selves but times have took a turn for the best. Think about how Nintendo introduced us to motion control movement's with the Wii, I was even impressed by that. Getting into the real topic at hand I'll explain to you guys/gals why I'm looking forward to Beyond Two Souls & The Future of gaming.

Let's take a look back at when I was first introduced to Quantic Dream's title called Heavy Rain & in my opinion the game that showed us all where game's are on the process of going. The title never caught my attention at first quite simply because I had no idea who the studio was that surrounded it. Nor did I care at first..Until I experienced the game for myself. That's when my thought's had changed about how I looked at video game's as a whole. Heavy Rain was a step in the right direction for the gaming industry and a game that really made me sit back in my seat and enjoy it for far more then just "some" video game. 

William DaFoe & Ellen Page are just 2 of the many, many actor's that have came to the video game world looking for something fresh and new. The evolution of acting has become quite unreal that more television & movie stars are experiencing the gaming world themselves. Either as a voice actor or as a full body actor, either way it's a huge step for the future. I've actually been a huge fan of both for a while, that's probably why I'm so looking forward for what's to come in just a matter of week's through their chemistry in the game.

A brand new well crafted story about a young girl that is surrounded by supernatural type elements and has been born with something other's aren't. The plot of it, I've read over and over countless time's just seem's so wild that I can't wait to experience for myself. The game itself just seems to me it's going to build on what Heavy Rain was and continue onward for who and what Quantic Dream are going to become in the future and that's a game that's going to be set up like a movie. However still giving you choices that will probably either make or break you down. I'm looking forward to my emotion's running wild to my anxiety building to the point that I must pause the game and take a bathroom break. I have had high hopes for this game for a while, and while I could rave about how much I may enjoy the graphics or how much I may enjoy the game-play. What make's me the most excited & nervous for this game is that I'm going to be watching a movie experience yet playing a game at the same time knowing that the outcome of what I may or may not choose could kill an innocent or destroy my on screen actor's life as a whole. Knowing I have a player's life in my hand's with every choice I make is what makes me tremble. Supernatural or Thriller or not, that's the kind of gaming future I want for myself. Quantic Dream hopefully can make that happen with Beyond: Two Souls. However I have no doubt in my mind.... come October 8th I'll be in sweat & tears before the credit's even roll, now that my friend's is a video game I want to experience.