It seems as though 3/4 of the time when I get on xbox live and roll into a room on cod6 theres always some nincompoop who thinks its funny to crack a mom joke or tell someone to s his d. And those other half-grown players in the game never help it by laughing at the most brainless joke just so they can be "in" with the person who told it. My "studies", lol, show that the main reason people do this is to try and show maturity and "coolness", if you would. When in reality they are doing the exact opposite. It is those people who don't respond and who just talk about what they are doing in the game or warning you that someone is capping the c flag that I DO find mature. When will the imbeciles realize what they are doing is providing reason for people to flame them and have evidence of them being the exact opposite of what they want to portray themselves to be.

HOWEVER! Without these simple acts of immaturity, the gaming community wouldn't be the same. So I'm not saying STOP, Im just telling you, people of idiocracy, that you are proving yourselves obsolite, while adding entertainment and un-boring additions to the gaming world. So go ahead and tell a kid to suck your balls and I don't care. Crack a mom joke and I won't tell you to stop.

Hail to the gamer.