In today's society people tend to think of gamers as fat, no-life people who sit on their butts all day, which in a lot of cases is true but there is more to being a gamer than just that. People don't realize what gamers TRULY think about gaming; that it is a lifestyle. If you try to explain that to someone who doesn't play videogames you often times sound like even more of a no-lifer. People often think of it as just another hobby. When in reality to us gamers, its just like being a football player of a race car driver, a profession. But no one wants to think of it that way.

For me, gaming not only is just something that is a really fun hobby, but it also takes my mind off things. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety a year or two back, and when I play games I focus only on the game, it's sort of a medicine, in a way. Don't get me wrong, I also play it just to have a good time, but playing it to let go of everyday life is also a big part of it.

Another reason I game is because no one sees your face. In real life, people make judgements about you and label you before they even get a chance to meet you, which is one of my biggest problems. In todays society people only look at what is on the outside and forget that someone can look not too nice, but can really be a great person inside, which is why I have so many friends in games, because they only get to know me by talking, not by taking a look at my face and judging me.

People also think gaming causes problems, that if a teen plays GTA they are going to go on killing people and stealing cars. To hell with that, theres about a 1% chance of that happening and probably 1 in 1,000,000,000 gamers might actually be crazy enough to do that. But ill quote Jeremy from PurePwange, "okay even the biggest noob could like tell RL from a game, this is like DX 5000 graphics, you know?"

Its hard to get across the idea I'm trying to convey by making this blog post, but hopefully you will understand and agree, gaming isn't just for fat no-life people, gaming is a lot more than that, but people who don't play games will probably never realize that. Gaming takes alot more effort, too, than pressing a couple buttons, I have even learned valuable lessons from gaming.

Gaming is more that just gaming...