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Ever since I was a child my Saturday mornings have been filled with two things, video games and cartoons. Occasionally the airwaves would be graced with a show that combined my two Saturday pastimes into one. Shows like Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, and the CGI series Donkey Kong Country were entertaining ways to enjoy the protagonists of gaming. With the recent announcement of Sonic Boom and its cartoon counterpart these are a few games that could benefit from their own animated series.

Disney Infinity 

House of Mouse was an excellent cartoon that showcased individual Disney stars interacting with each other in a causal setting. Disney Infinity the show could take this a step further by having all the characters living in a hub world where they interact with each other while building and exploring new worlds. The storylines, antics, and profit margin from even more merchandise would be pretty much infinite.

Rayman Origins & Legends 

Rayman made a huge impact in his return to gaming with Rayman Origins and his recently released Rayman Legends. The crisp and clean art style of his latest endeavors would translate well into a fast paced and humorous cartoon series seamlessly. He is a limbless hero who saves raunchy magical fairies from the forces of evil and causes way more trouble than he sets out to stop. With a good selection of oddballs to choose form it would have no problem producing a cast of colorful characters. Also if the Rabbids from Rayman could get a horrible show on Nickelodeon, then there should be at least a good one based on the man himself.

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous’ new conduit Deslin has all the makings of a comic book style anti-hero and afternoon cartoon star. Cartoon super heroes tend to be rehashes of already established characters from the Marvel and DC universes so it would be a breath of fresh air to have the world of Second Son thrown into the mix. The setting and tone already have the perfect formula for a good drama and releasing it alongside the game in March would only increase the hype for the show.

Sly Cooper 

With the Sly Cooper film officially happening, a cartoon series isn’t too farfetched. Sly is a great protagonist, yet he hasn’t really been in the spotlight for more than a few moments. A series following the stories of the games with not only be entertaining for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play them, but a perfect way to get people familiarized with the people and places before the movie comes to theaters. Sly Cooper’s anamorphic creatures and family friendly story telling would be just as fun and pleasant as they are in his games.

Super Smash Bros. 

The world of the Super Smash Bros. series has always been an interesting concept that’s never fully been explored. The Master Hand bringing the creatures of Nintendo to life, the characters ideally coexisting, and also teaming up to defeat an alien threat. All these things would make for wonderful plots of a cartoon show.

The crossover and fan service would make any gamer stare in amazement. Imagine Link hoping on Yoshi to battle an out of control Ridley who stole one of the golden bananas from DK Island, or Fox zipping through the galaxy to help Pit stop Medusa from acquiring the Star Rod to take over Dreamland. If you still think this show wouldn’t be great just check out the trailers from any of the Smash Bros. games especially this one.

The concept of spreading media across various forms is an idea video games have been playing with for a while. Whether Sonic Boom’s game or cartoon is a commercial success or not I hope more developers and studios and willing to try expanding their creations beyond the systems.

So what video game series do you think would make a good cartoon show? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!