Welcome to another installment of Video Game Poetic. My last poem was a tragic tale, but this one is more philosophical. I am not a poet, but I do consider myself very creative. So again you might love it, you might hate it, or you might be indifferent. Either way leave a comment and speak your mind. See if you can guess the game the theme is based off of before you get to the end.  

The P Word 

I’m a classic story of Pleasure and Pain.

The Pursuit of happiness and Profit is one and the same. 

Just a Punk from the Projects tired of messing with lames. 

With a Stolen Purple Porsche steady switching between lanes.  

Tired of Pimping hoes and relying on them for Payment,

But moving Product only gets your head bust open on the Pavement. 

Puff on some chronic and Pop open a corona,

Please sit back and enjoy my other two Personas. 

I’m a Personification of first world Problems.

A Parent to a little Pair of uncontrollable goblins.

Lo and behold my glorious Palace and Plastic wife. 

I Partake in Prostitutes because I just love my life. 

Pathetic excuses? I Pay you to listen not to think.

I might Prefer living in the Penitentiary then talking to a shrink. 

I jacked up the Past that doesn’t make me Psychotic.

Did I tell you I Picked up a Protégé? Let’s just change the topic. 

I’m a Psychopath giving Power back to the masses. 

Take a look at my Portfolio I assure you it Passes. 

Pyrotechnics and selling meth to Pushers.

My Premier team is filled with a Plethora of butchers.  

I freed myself from Popular opinion and crushed all my parasites.

I’m a true Patriot of America Pursing opportunity cutting out the cellulite.

My associates would believe that they are the PLAYER, but their logic is corrupted. 

For I Trevor am the only who sees that were just the PUPPET. 

O’Dell is a former Game Informer editorial intern and is doing what it takes to make it in life. Part-time bar tender and full time Pokémon Master from Houston, TX with a degree from Texas A&M.
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