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After all the hype and anticipation we are finally getting our feet wet with everything the new generations has to offer. The coming months will be filled with disappointments, pleasant surprises, and new franchises. The gaming world is ready with controller in hand, but as we look toward the future there are characters from the past that deserve their time in the sun.

King Mickey (Kingdom Hearts)

Mickey Mouse is a household name and when it comes to being a cooperate tool you won’t find anyone better. Kingdom Hearts changed this and gave the mouse some creditability as a serious character. Every time you run into the King he is either kicking ass or dropping some priceless words of wisdom. He is basically a Keyblade wielding Yoda. With that said think about how incredible an HD game would be starring King Mickey. It could easily fit into the storyline of the series as a prequel where he goes around exploring the universe becoming one of the best Keyblade masters. Plus it will keep you busy while Kingdom Hearts 3 gets pushed back.

Avery Junior Johnson (Halo)

One of the few humans who isn’t ultimately useless in the Halo series is Sergeant Johnson. Halo Reach was a great installment that told a story not focused on the Chief and a game surrounding Johnson could be everything ODST inspired to be. A regular marine who has no problem cussing out the enemy, and understands running into a horde of Convenient strapped with only a plasma pistol is not ideal. Even though Halo 5 is in the wood works at the moment I’m sure no one would have a problem donning a cigar and UNSC cap.

Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)

Besides the obvious reason that the games are named after her, there should be a game where you are indeed Princess Zelda. You might think all she does is stand around and wait for Link to collect some household items to rescue her, but that is far from the truth. In Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, and especially Ocarina of Time she was doing amazing things behind the scene. She actually has studied the way of the Sheikah which basically makes her a super ninja capable of masterful assassinations and stealth. Think of a game where Link is gone, which is usually is when things go to hell, and the Princess is force to use her magic, stealth, and Triforce of Wisdom to drive out evil. After all snapping necks is just one of the many duties for the Princess of Hyrule.

Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

Crash Bandicoot has been out of the game for a while. Now that it’s time for developers to start experimenting again the fans are pushing for a new release, but Crash has some personal issues he needs to deal with first. While Crash is in rehab for obvious narcotics addiction his little sister Coco should be given the chance to save the series. Unlike any other character in the series she has aged and matured like a fine wine. She is a super genius, master of the martial arts, expert pilot, animal tamer, and can do the tornado thingy her brother does. Imagine the Sly Cooper team in one character and you would have Coco. You could make a game that lets you experiment with new mechanics and with the same classic Crash feel without the withdrawal.

Meta Knight (Kirby)

King Dedede’s right hand man and leader of the Waddle Dee army is quite possibly one of the coolest characters Nintendo has every created and they don’t even know it. I have always been a fan of Meta Knight and thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl it’s not hard to see how truly amazing he can be. His greatness has always been buried by the cuteness of Kirby games. Nintendo has needed something new for a long time and if they don’t want to create a new IP they can at least put the focus on someone different for a change. A warrior spirit powered by his bloodlust and own sense of justice. He commands a flying battleship and can use full sentences so why would you waste your time making another Kirby game?

Does anyone else deserve some mainstream loving?