Welcome to part 2 of the best boss death scenes in Metal Gear Solid. If you missed part 1 you can click right here to get the recap. If your favorite didn’t make the cut just leave a comment and why it deserves to get the limelight. 

It should be obvious: SPOILER WARNING!! 

#5 Laughing Octopus (MGS 4) – “The truth is, I’m not laughing.”

The Laughing Beauty starts of the top half of the list for best death scenes more because of her story than tragic death. Her finally moments are a testimony of her sins to the man that set her free. Afterwards Drebin gives you a ring to tell you the tale of a sick joke that turned a girl into a monster. 

#4 Vulcan Raven (MGS) – “Hear me Snake! My spirit will be watching you.” 

The spiritual shaman of FOXHOUND Vulcan Raven is, in my opinion, one of the most respectable characters in the entire Metal Gear Solid series. He is wiser beyond his years and despite his actions he is driven by an unbreakable moral code. If being devoured by ravens while giving valuable advice about life doesn’t make you a badass I don’t know what else would. 

#3 Gray Fox (MGS) – “A cornered Fox is more dangerous than a jackal!”

Gray Fox, no Frank Jaeger, was a man worthy enough of the code name Fox. The last moments of his existence were equally as worthy.  His final words and actions literally shaped Snake into the man he became at the end of his life. 

#2 Liquid Ocelot (MGS 4) – “You’re pretty good!” 

You finally ‘understand’ the whole story surrounding Ocelot, you get a thunder storm of fan service, and the boss battle itself was just unforgettable. This one just speaks for itself. 

#1 The Boss (MGS 3) – “There’s only room for one Boss, and one Snake.” 

I promise I really tired not to make this number one, but it deserves to be! The Boss, aka The Joy, is the biological mother of Ocelot, the figurative mother of the original Snake, and the figurative grandmother of Les Enfants Terribles. She is basically the mother of all things Metal Gear. Respected and feared by pretty much everyone of the planet she is literally the ultimate solider. I can tell you with no shame I cried when this scene happened. The beauty of a mother passing the title to her son, and the bitterness of that son force to kill his mother made for a perfect ending.  

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