I was a quiet kid growing up. As an only child, I had a lot of alone time. As a result I developed what my school would call an overactive imagination. Coming from the South – Texas to be exact – a child who can throw a football is valued greater than a child who just wanted to pretend the world was as magical as any story would have you believe.

I had played video games, but never thought I would own my own system because ever since I could walk I was put into sports and told to believe that it should be my only extracurricular activity. When I was four my aunt bought me something that changed my life forever: a Sega Genesis with a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Something about being that small blue hedgehog resonated. Video games provided me an escape from reality. I was no longer a spectator watching events unfold, but one of the main characters in a universe causing real change in the world. I had found my calling. 

As I grew, so did my passion for games. In middle school I came to the horrible realization I couldn’t make a living off of playing games, or so I thought. The world was always telling me go to college and become a doctor or other high paying professions. I left Houston and enrolled in Texas A&M to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Gaming was always a hobby, but soon it became a passion I couldn’t ignore. At times during college, I would go to GameStop instead of the grocery store or class. It was bliss!

 In my junior year of college I gave up my medical pursuits because of an Outasight song lyric, “What in the world do you do, if your dreams do not come true? Is it love of confusion?” I realized medicine wasn’t my passion and that I should not only play more games but pursue a life working with them. I love writing stories and coming up with a whole new world – thank you Disney – so I dedicated myself to writing stories for and about video games. A year later I graduated from Texas A&M with a communication & journalism degree, and now I’m here at Game Informer. 

So who am I? I am the greatest Pokémon master from Houston who has a love/hate relationship with Sonic. A Keyblade bearer who pulled out the master sword then escaped Aperture laboratories only to find himself in a world infected by the T-Virus. Now I find myself in a new universe called Game Informer to serve you. But more importantly, who are you?