Call of Duty, as a franchise, is arguably the most successful franchise of all time. Each game that comes out year after year in the series breaks the records set by the previous game in the series. The single player always includes action packed set pieces, and a stellar story. The multiplayer always speaks to players as being some of the most accessible. The Co-Op always pits players agiainst smart AI, and a challenge that is going to take some work to complete(i.e. Turn on the Power!). Ever since the Super-Mega Hit known as Call of Duty 4, people have been buying the yearly releases to get their fill of CoD for awhile. And thanks to the ***-bag over at Activision, they are pumping these games out faster than you can say, "This is going to be another Guitar Hero."


The series is also brainwashing us. Your friends, your brother, your sister, heck, even you dog. And YOU. Call of Duty has dominated the series for so long now that as long as it has the name “Call of Duty” on it, people will buy it.I guess you could call Call of Duty the Communist Russia of video games. Not Funny? Ok, lets move on. 

Yesterday, me and a friend of mine were in an Xbox live party, and we’re just chilling. I don’t know how it came up, but we suddenly debating which was better: Halo or Call of Duty. I said that Halo had done so much innovation before the seeds of call of duty had been planted, that you wouldn’t have CoD as we know it. He said that a dud in a suit running around killing aliens was unrealistic. I said that it’s unrealistic because it was 500 years into the future. He said that Sci-Fi in general was dumb. 

Then we got to the part that made me develop this theory. I told him about the many rumors floating around about the Sci-Fi Call of Duty floating around. He said that it was okay that it was Sci-Fi. He said, quote on quote, “I will buy it because it is Call of Duty, and it will be great.” Wow. What a great way to decide on what game you want. 

That is what led me to this.


Call of Duty has finally put a certain implant into our brains that has brainwashed all of Gaming America. Call of Duty is now the “Must-Have” series of the decade. This “COD Effect” has made someone want a game, even if it is bad, just because it has a brand-name on it. This is a bad thing.


Let’s put this to the test. Lets say in two years, Modern Warfare 4, and Halo 4 are on the same date. Gameinformer gives MW4 a 2 out of 10, and Halo 4 a 10 out of 10. But my friend and his brainwashed buddies buy MW4 over Halo 4, just because of the Brand Name. Even though it is the worst game ever made, they buy it just because they are taught that Call of Duty is something you must have, and nothing else. Halo 4 thusly has terrible sales, and the studio that made it is forced to shut down, even though the game the made is possible game of the year. 


Now the above circumstance is clearly blown out of proportion. On purpose. Will my current generation of gamers ever be burnt out on the “Military Shooter” brand of game? Probably not. As long as Call of Duty continues to sell, people will buy it.  And if developers continue to target the series, and "talk about it more than the actual publisher itself," then people will buy it.But if you ask me, the only reason I’m going to Buy MW3 is to play the campaign, and spec-Ops. Then I’m reselling it. Battlefield 3 will be much better by the looks of it.  

So until next time…