So I was having a conversation with my buddy earlier on our top 10 games and well, I decided to share. Here are my top 10 of 2013!

10. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time- I've yet to finish this, but it plays and feels like the classic trilogy. I definitely love what they did with the story and I really hope in finishing this before the end of the year.  Gameplay is top notch and the graphics are gorgeous. Sanzaru will definitely have my money if they continue with this amazing series.

9. Injustice Gods Among Us- I just got this as the Ultimate edition version and I having a blast kicking arse as my favorite DC heroes and villains! Even the story was amazing! Netherrealm did it again and gave me the best fighting game for my moneys worth. 

8. Tales of Xillia- Definitely a contender as my favorite Tales of game. Story was somewhat weak and the plot twist was so visible to me about two thirds into the game but the gameplay was magnificent. I even had some fun co-op with my little brother at times. Also, yes it has "two" stories, but the second time around was somewhat bland. I only did the second play through for some trophies. Best JRPG of the year though. Definitely better than Ni No Kuni which both took me 60 hours to beat. By the way, I'm not saying NNK sucked, that would definitely hit my 11th slot.  

7. Guacamelee- Holy cr--! I love this game! It's easily the best Metroidvania game that I've played since Aria of Sorrow. I did not play a single game besides for this until I got that shiny platinum trophy (about 6 days). Brutally difficult and the story is absurd yet so damn funny and the action...this game is so good I just made a run on sentence! 

6. Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus- I'm definitely surprised a Ratchet and Clank game wasn't in my top three games of the year. R&C is my favorite exclusive Sony series. The game was just too short. Everything else though was amazing! The guns, the story albeit short was awesome, the funnies were also great.  I hope Insomniac makes a lengthier game with any possible sequels...PS4 maybe? Overall, fun as hell! Get it.

5. Puppeteer- My second favorite IP of the year. God, this game is so beautiful. The voice work is perfection and the writing is humor gold. I will definitely play this once I have children to play with them. I am so glad I took a chance with this new game. The platforming is quite difficult at times as well and the boss fights are all brilliant.  I am so glad this game exists.

4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence- YES! METAL GEAR! I love this game. This is the only game (full retail) that I finished once and then restarted immediately in a harder difficulty. The action is top notch anime styled with a fusion of Ninja Gaiden. Platinum games continues to make the best action games. Now only if they would give me a Vanquish 2...

2. & 3. (Couldn't decide which I liked more) Bioshock Infinite & Batman Arkham Origins- Both games have amazing story lines and both play so damn well. I did get glitches in both games but they can be ignored because of how amazing everything was for both. The characters were so damn likable as well. Both close contenders for game of the year. Also that music...perfection!

1.The Last of Us- Game of the year! The story, the characters, the game play, the enviroments, the graphics, the writing, the music...just everything is perfection.  This is my favorite game of this past generation. I am saddened PC and Xbox gamers cannot play this master piece. I am actually replaying through it as we speak to get that platinum. Naughty Dog proves why they are either the best or one of the best game developers on the planet. PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST!