Where I live in this great nation of ours unfortunately I don't have easy access  to broadband Internet.This prevents me from playing some of the great multi-player games that have come along in recent years.Most of my interaction with fellow gamers is when my friends and I sit down in front of the TV and have it out in co-op or good 'ol death matches.Some people may say that I'm missing out and I agree I am,but there is something to be said for having a buddy next to you as you once again save the world from aliens, zombies,Nazis, and numerous other menaces.Some of my favorite gaming memories are from co-op games.My first encounter with the flood in Halo:CE.Gears of War.I would like to see more game companies put quality co-op experiences into their games for the people like me who enjoy having a friend to play games with who is not on the other end of a headset.