Obat Kanker Serviks =Cervical Cancer Drug Sales Center, suffering from cervical cancer is certainly not the end of everything, while the choice of treatment may be medically or alternatively using herbal medicine. Before we introduce the name of cancer drugs that have the power to kill cervical cancer cells 10,000 times more than the chemo therapy let's see the symptoms of cervical cancer.

Other diseases such as Cervical Cancer / Cervical Cancer Signs or Symptoms Has The Following: In the early stages, cervical cancer symptoms are not too obvious. It took 10-20 years from infection to become cancerous. However, the following characteristics can be a sign of cervical cancer:

1. Pain during intercourse,
2. Removing a little blood after intercourse,
3. Excessive bleeding during menstruation,
4. Abnormal vaginal discharge (color is not clear, odor or itching),
5. At an advanced stage: lack of appetite, back pain or can not stand upright, pain in the muscles of the thigh, one leg swelling, weight up and down, unable to urinate, leaking of urine / urine from the vagina, spontaneous bleeding after menopause, brittle bones and pelvic pain.

Ace Maxs made of the best choice from a wide range of buah2an/makanan that exist in the natural world that has been stringently tested by experts. skin mangosteen, soursop leaves, apples and honey.

Eksrtak skin mangosteen xanthone content from a variety of research and derivatives effective against cancer in vitro. Efficacy garcinone E (devirat xanthone) is far more effective to inhibit cancer when compared with cancer drugs such as flaraucil, cisplatin, vincristine, metohotrexete, and mitoxiantrone. (Source BPTP by Kasma Iswari and Tri Sudaryono)

Soursop Leaf Extract. based on data and research results of more than 20 laboratories, the power of the anticancer substances in the leaves of the soursop has a force 10,000 times more potent in killing cancer cells and slow the growth of naturally compared with adriamycin and chemo therapy is commonly used. The results of the National Cancer Institute in 1976 showed that the leaves of the soursop is able to attack and destroy cancer cells, according to research on the efficacy of soursop as antitumor and anticancer. From the results of this study proved that not all end up in the operating room cancer but the cancer can be treated with Ace Max's are made from a combination of soursop leaf and mangosteen skin ekrak to overcome and cure various cancers.


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