Just some quick thoughts that I really have no answer too:

What is cloud gaming really going to turn into? How is it going to change the gaming future?

I've read lots of things that speculate there will be another "next gen" after this one, but what about after that? Will there ever be an end of in home consoles?

If so would we just buy a controller and play everything from a cloud?

Will games ever be cheaper? If things head the direction that steam has taken then they have too, we wouldn't have to pay higher fees to subsidized used games sales ect. 

If xbox one had stayed on their declared E3 path would their games have been cheaper? Could that have saved them some of the backlash they had on their setup? 

I know next get is forever away but its weird for me to think about how someday in the future I might just have controllers around my house to play games or that I wont physically be able to keep disk copies which I much prefer to digital. Who knows what the far off future will bring, for now i'm just excited about the potentials of the new generation.