Gaming is a social experience for many of us, and can also be a way to vent our anger and frustration. That makes at least 2 things that video games and alcohol have in common (they’re also both fun!). So since many reader are old enough to legally drink, and those who drink probably like to play games at the same time, here’s a list of the top games to play while drinking (or drunk). I also have drink suggestions to go along with each game, in case you’re sick of all that Keystone Light (ugh).

6. Rayman Raving Rabbids

Anyone who’s played this game knows that it’s completely ridiculous. The mini-games are bizarre, the little rabbid creatures belong in an insane asylum, and Rayman doesn’t even have legs. But as silly as this Wii series is, it sure is fun. Get a little tipsy and those balance games, racing games and dance games become a lot more difficult, and a lot more enjoyable. This is a game that’s as funny to watch drunk as it is to play. Other mini-game collections like Mario Party or Super Monkey Ball also work well, but the humor & well-done motion controls for this one may it highly recommended.

The chef recommends: Hard Lemonade/ Smirnoff Ice (we’re starting you off easy)

5. Halo 3

Ever get annoyed playing Halo 3 online? With the legions of 10-year olds, racists, and plain stupid people, it’s hard to not hate some of the other players. But if you can’t beat em, join em. After the first couple drinks, you won’t mind their obnoxious comments anymore. After a couple more, you’ll start to enjoy their idiocy, and with your inhibitions gone, you’ll start to openly mock and taunt them. Which is where it really gets fun, because they always respond with more hate and ignorance. Which is only funnier to you, and inspires you to insult them even more. Just don’t have so many that you start losing: smug 10-year olds aren’t nearly as fun as whiny-loser 10-year olds.

The chef recommends: Rum &  Coke (tastes great, & makes you feel like a pirate as you steal their kills)

4. Mario Kart

You can pick whichever version you want here, they’re all fun and they all play well when you’re gone. Mario Kart is one of the best social games out there, thanks to its 4-player split-screen, the easy-to-learn gameplay, and the fact that the game rewards better items to people who are losing, to help them catch up. And when the four of you start getting really tipsy, there will be a lot of catching up to do. It’s like drunk-driving without all that realism stuff to make you feel guilty. And nuking your friend with a blue shell feels so much more satisfying when you can’t really see it hit. I also took the liberty of testing this theory on Blur (the upcoming Mario Kart-style street racer), and it works just as well under the influence.

The chef recommends: Cocktails (for drinks as colorful & exotic as the game’s tracks & characters)

3. Grand Theft Auto IV

This one isn’t often a social game, at least not offline. But then again, drinking isn’t always social either. GTA IV is the best venting game I’ve ever played, with its satisfying explosions, destructible cars, and civilians that always run away (so you can enjoy hunting them down and killing them). Add in some alcohol after a long hard day, or after seeing your favorite sports team blow it, and you’ll be happily (and drunkenly) blasting away in no time. Now as far as what you should drink, this one is easy. When in Rome…

The chef recommends: Vodka (shots or straight from the bottle, no sissy mixed drinks here)

2. Gears of War 2

This is the perfect game for a night with your bros. Kick back in your favorite chair, crack open a Heineken, and start chainsawing those alien bitches. Life doesn’t get any better, does it? Make sure you aren’t playing the online competitive modes while drunk, those are hard enough already. But if you’re blowing through the campaign or toughing it out in Horde mode, some liquid courage always helps. The game is already over-loaded with testosterone and rage, so why not add some of your own?

The chef recommends: Beer (bottle or cans, preferably in large quantities)

1. Super Smashed Bros.

No, that is not a typo: Nintendo purposefully named the game “Smash” Bros. so it would become a hit at colleges across the world. Smash Bros. is a game that anyone and everyone can enjoy, no matter their age, gender or skill at gaming. And the game is still as accessible and fun when you’re all smashed. This isn’t a game where you need to pull punches, drink as much as you want. If you get too wasted to function in the game, just switch your character to a level 9 computer player. Your friends probably won’t notice, so you can laugh as it kicks their drunken asses. Smash Bros. encourages you to find your own style and preferred character, and for the drink here, I’ll leave you some leeway to do the same.

The chef recommends: Mixed drinks (favorite hard liquor + favorite pop/soda/juice)

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Disclaimer: I (and the website this was originally posted at, ResumePlay) do not condone underage or binge drinking. Just responsible or hilarious drinking.