Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit that exclusive titles are big news in the gaming world. Fanboys use them as ammunitition, newcomers use them to decide which console they want, and the rest of us look to them with high expectations: if the game is being tailored for one specific system, it should take full advantage and be amazing on that system, right? Whatever the reason, we all want to know about exclusives, so I've got the 2010 line-up for you to compare.

I won't be making judements here about which console is the best, or which has the best line-up. I'll leave that to be discussed in the comments below. I also won't be listing every single exclusive, so don't be shocked if something is 'missing.'

NOTE: This is an abridged version of my original post, which is on ResumePlay.net. If you want to see the Wii games or more details on the other games, check it out!

Playstation 3

God of War 3 - This is one exclusive that has undeniable star power. The God of War franchise has been huge, and after only 2 full editions, has become a household name and a top-selling series. God of War 3 will probably be THE reason that some people get PS3's this year, it's that big.

Gran Turismo 5 - Polyphony Digital is the king of simulation racing, and has been for decades. GT5 has been in development now for well over 5 years, will have nearly 1000 cars, and will kick some major ass in the racing genre. If it actually comes out this year...

Heavy Rain - This one is just hitting retail now, and many of the reviews are already out, so its no guessing game to say that it's important. An innovative title that sheds traditional gameplay in favor of  intimacy and narrative, Heavy Rain is shaping up to be one of the most powerful experiences in gaming history.

The Last Guardian - We don't have a lot of concrete details on this one yet, but due to the developers behind it, we already know it'll be big. Team Ico got their reputation with the original and beloved Ico, then with the risky and impressive Shadow of the Colossus. If its anything like its predecessors, Last Guardian will be awesome.

MAG - PS3's first big exclusive of 2010 has already hit- and MAG was certainly BIG. Allowing for competitive matches of up to 256 players, MAG is centered around large-scale shooter combat. Critical reception of the game wasn't as fantastic as we'd hoped, but it was certainly still good.

DC Online - This one may not hit the projected 2010 release date, but if it does it'll make waves throughout console gaming. If it comes together as well as it looks now, it'll be the first major MMO to be playable on this generation of consoles. And even ignoring its pioneering role, an MMO based around the massive DC comics world? It's a dream come true.

Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 - I can't help but put this one first, as it's the only game on this list to already prove its AAA status. Mass Effect 2 redefined the way stories are told in games, linking the current sequel to the original game so that decisions matter not just in the short term, but for the overall trilogy as well. It also fixed a host of problems from the original and turned the lackluster combat into a major selling point.

Splinter Cell Conviction - SplinterCell was one of the standout series of the past generation of consoles, and has so far been MIA for this generation. That changes on April 13th, when Ubisoft's bold new take on the franchise sneaks onto shelves. Conviction will be less linear than old versions, allowing players multiple choices and styles to complete each mission. It'll also be powered by impressive new hit-detection and damaging tech, have online multiplayer, and have a whole second campaign for co-op.

Alan Wake - This is another game that's been more than half a decade in the making. Alan Wake is a moody and creative action thriller, following a hapless author who is forced to live through one of his own horror stories. Players will take advantage of light sources and traditional weaponry as they try to unravel the game's mysteries.

Halo: Reach - Unlike ODST, Reach will be a completely new game, have a totally new setting, and will feature new multiplayer. The game tells the story of the doomed planet of Reach, uses new playable Spartans, and will run on an upgraded engine instead of just Halo 3's. Multiplayer is rumored to include more player customization and features, possibly in the vein of Call of Duty. Halo + CoD? No one would play that...

Gears of War 3 - This is one of Microsoft's holiday titles, so we don't have much for details on it yet. But Gears 1 and 2 were huge blockbusters, both in terms of sales and their stellar reviews. Epic Games is also the company that makes Unreal Engine, so we're guaranteed that Gears 3 will be pretty.

Fable 3 - Another of Microsoft's further out titles, Fable 3 is a game that we do have some concrete details on. It'll have a greater focus on power and responsability this time: by partway through the game the player will come to rule the kingdom, and be faced with the problems (and pleasures) of ruling. Rumored integration with Natal also makes this worth watching.

Crackdown 2 - The follow-up to another popular Xbox exclusive, Crackdown 2 will add a 3rd faction to the mix, as well as tons of new guns and vehicles. The 3rd faction resembles zombies, which will make the day/night cycles in the open-world game more than just color changes. The devs are promising a cool new story and a more engaging sandbox world.

Perfect Dark (XBLA remake) - The legal battles have finally been settled, and while the world is still being denied a GoldenEye remake, at least we've got Perfect Dark on the way. Sure its a downloadable game, but it's also a remake of one of the most beloved shooters of all time. Why hasn't anyone else ever done the poison weapons?

Kingdom Under Fire II - Not a lot is known so far on this sequel, but early previews have seen massive and highly-detailed battles powered by some sweet tech. Strategy games have been a genre much stronger on 360 than on the other consoles (though still behind PC), and this game aims to widen the gap. More medieval RTS action is always a good thing.

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Now let's hear those opinions. Which console has the best line-up? Which has the most original titles? Which will sell the most exclusive software?