Life is but a journey, full of many roads. The paths we choose influence who we become, and my path has crossed with the community of GameInformer Online.


I never get involved much with online communities, I consider myself more of a "private" person when it comes to giving out portions of my personality, but the reason I joined GameInformer Online was to be a blogger.

I randomly discovered this website through a Google search about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Lo, and behold, that month, GameInformer had done their monthly coverage on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Poring over various details about the game, I was bound to look at the comments. I was marginally impressed by the extent of the community's interaction. Some people seemed like friends, or at least hospitable and friendly to each other.

I didn't visit user blogs much, my attention being on Skyrim, but after that month was over, I began to delve into looking into the website as an outsider, a wanderer. I saw Replays, and Editor Blogs, but I did not give any thought toward user blogs.

I didn't even know if there would really be any good "blogs" by the community, so I never looked at them, until I saw a "Blog Herding" post. I do not remember who was in the post, but I do know that I was impressed by the content some of the users put out, and I was inspired and provoked to think about certain things that I had never seen before.

Thoughts turned into desires, desires turned into action, and I decided to join the site. I worked my way through the ranks until I became level 5, and then I started to post blogs. I was not very successful, but as I gained experience in writing and observed techniques of other writers here at the site, the content I blogged about became more quality.

And that brings me to where I am today.




Life is full of crazy journeys, and to think that mere chance brought me here is a conundrum I delve into often.


Where am I?

As a writer, I am on the path toward more experience. I use blogging here as a tool, to work my brain and thought; as I increase in standing with the website and write more, the quality of writing increases as I take the time to really think about what I am interested in thinking about, what makes the cogs and gears turn. I would like to think that I am getting better at writing, but my level of expertise is minor, and I consider myself of the least of the good bloggers here. So many others deserve more attention than me. So many push out great content that only receives minor attention.

Blogging here has helped me exponentially. In the past, I have had little experience with writing, just minor papers for high school, and poems I've written off the top of my mind--but my work here? I cherish my expositional works here. I have been able to think of quite a few great topics, and write them, to think my thoughts and opinions out and share them with the community.

And the end result of it has been satisfying. To receive such comments and views... It definitely is a satisfactory feeling. I don't blog for comments and views, but it is a factor that pushes, urges me to work my hardest on a subject I want to blog about.

Where do I hope to end up with writing?

This is something I have definitely racked my brain on. I love writing here at GameInformer, it is something I plan on doing for many, many moons, but I am not content with simply being an amateur blogger. I have thought on this for hours on end, but I do not believe that gaming journalism, or pure journalism, is the direction I want to take with writing. With blogging, I am mostly a commentator or a philosopher, not a journalist.

I consider myself a floater when it comes to writing. I don't devote myself to one subject. I am a poet, a blogger, an author-- all of these require most of my thought, and out of these, I really want to try out being an author. I want to write books. I have had a couple ideas for fictional plots that seem very interesting to me. I've even shared one with the community, but I'm not ready to start writing it.

Blogging at GameInformer is a tool for me to gain experience with writing, to achieve a level of thought and a mindset of writing. I love writing blogs, but I want the end result of my writing to be literary career. If I even want to have a literary career. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if I want to get into writing as a career. I don't want to pick a direction and then find myself inept and wrecked in what I choose to do, but I also do not want to stay indecisive with choosing a life direction.

Problems, Schmoblems

With writing, my biggest problems and obstacles are subject content, and my writing ability(or lack thereof).

I don't exactly have the best mind when it comes to thinking about subjects to write about. With school,work, friends, and hobbies, I do not have the time to think about every subject when it comes to video games, nor do I have the time to play the few games I have the ability to buy to the fullest extent. I've only recently(in the past two years or so) been able to play the modern titles I have been able to play.

And, my writing ability isn't the best. As I have stated, I don't have a lot of experience with writing, and I am very much an AMATEUR author. My writing style has greatly improved over these past six months, but I still am not anywhere near the level of better bloggers here at this site.

The journey has only started though, and the path is before me, the past behind.