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The Future of Storytelling

Storytelling has been around since before the beginning of civilization, and it satisfies the need of one of the most basic needs: self expression. It has evolved from simple word-of-mouth to writing, and branched off to art from there. Writing was the most common form of telling stories for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and eventually went to radio, and then to the moving picture. Interactive entertainment, or gaming to us schmucks, is the newest form of modern story telling. Most games regarded as extraordinary story experiences have been released rather recently. Gaming has been, rather correctly in my opinion, described as art. But is it a major form of storytelling? Some games are, others, well....

Storytelling is a large part of what defines the level of a civilization, so shouldn't the mediums evolve with the society? Literature is a constant, and probably will be, and it has many awards. Games have their own awards, and yet their nominated for Writers Guild Awards( FO:NV, God of War 3), and they win, too(AC:BH) Many games have been regarded as achievements of the modern mind, and the developers and writers lauded for their precise and emotional stories. Many series have their success base somewhat on their motivating, driving stories. However, a lot of other games have garnered praise without much of a story, and they also get a rather ridiculous chunk o' change. A good story is one that makes you feel, wonder, and tugs at all the right heartstrings. A good story absorbs you into the world and lets you live a fantasy. Do not games do this as well? We've all spent hours upon sleepless hours wandering the countrysides and dungeons of Tamriel, right? And we've all spent long hours purifying the Capital Wasteland with Dogmeat by our sides, and had our hearts broken when we said goodbye or when he succumbed to the horrors of the Wasteland,  right? And is not this the point of storytelling? to make us feel? to make us wonder? If so, games are the best way to tell them. They are the most up close, the most visceral way of telling the epics of our generation. 

People say film is dying(I have anyway) and that Theatre is already six feet under(ditto)Literature is and always will be. So should not gaming be they future of Storytelling? It combines the acting and writing of Film and literature, and provides a world into which we all can escape. So I ask you. Gaming IS the Future of Storytelling, right?