Another blog about next gen? No, this is THE blog about next gen. Today I'm gonna break it down, and describe all the reasons I'm making this huge mistake, so lets not keep up this dumb intro.


 Games, they're fun, and they always keep coming. Its like we're enslaved to buy these things day after day regardless of the things we have to buy to enjoy them. I can't complain though because GAMES. 

2. I, and all of you are super impulsive


Don't pretend like you aren't, you've gone out and bought games on day one for full price just to have the privilege of playing on the first day, we all have. Its part of the industry, they NEED us to do it.

3. Someone has to buy this thing day one

I know everyone says to buy a new console a year or two later for the sake of buying a cheaper system with a guarantee of cool games, but what would happen if everyone did that? No games sucka. We see whats happening with the WiiU, no one's buying because there aren't a lot of games yet and no ones making games because not a lot of people have one. Its not a good thing when every game is cross generation and lacking in power.

4. I got da dough

As of right now, I have a stable source of income. Can I guarantee that I will next year? No way jose, so I feel like if I don't do this now, I wont get another opportunity for a while.

5. I hate being left out

This reason plays into the impulsive part. A few years ago I remember watching TV, then an ad starts playing. Those ads blew me away! Lost planet, Dead rising, Bayonetta, Mirrors Edge. I was super hyped! But oh yeah, my ps2 can't play that stuff. It wasn't a good feeling and I never ever want it again. 

6. My final reason....