Its no secret that I love the Persona series, as it's common to see my "PERSONA 5" post in articles. But this is about Persona 3. But before I explain why I like Persona 3, I'd like to tell you how I got it.

A few people should know by now that I'm home schooled, and I'm the type of guy who holds off on his work until the end of a quarter, because I'm lazy, and apparently addicted to stress. So around the end of last year, I was busy and stressed trying to get a passing grade in my World Studies class. The last day of school had dawned on me, and well like usual, I wanted just a few more days, but it is how it is. I had gone to some doctor's office with my mom, and I was stressed the entire day. So after leaving this place, we stopped at a CVS pharmacy. I had told her "WE NEED TO HOME" and she replied "I NEED TO STOP HERE" so I pouted through the store. While looking around I noticed a PSN 20$ card, and I thought to myself "I have 20$..." So I bought the card. When I got home I threw the card on my desk and did my homework first of course.

After about an hour I sat down on the floor, vigorously scratched the card, and browsed the fine store. I remember watching this video on Youtube:

(If you haven't watched these guys, they are great at the youtube)

This was only experience I had with Persona, but I thought "Hey, it might be ok" so I bought it, I don't even remember what I bought with the other 10$.

Now we can proceed to how good Persona 3 is!

The Soundtrack

For me, a soundtrack is the first thing that gets noticed when starting a game. Persona 3 has one of the most diverse, from Hip Hop, to Jazz, to Pop, to Metal, it's great. Frankly, it's hard to describe without hearing it, but trust me, it's really, really good.

The Social Links

Someone who hasn't played Persona 3 or 4 might not know what these are, but they are what separate Persona 3 and 4 from the rest of the Shin Megami Tesnei series. A Social Link is a character that you befriend in the game, there are at least 12 of these characters (one for each Arcana in a set of Tarot Cards) plus a few more. These links are leveled up through hanging out with the people, and it is determined by choosing the right dialog choice. Every Persona corresponds an Arcana, and depending on the Level of your Social Link, your Personas will earn extra EXP when fused. I found myself caring way too much about these characters, they're so distinct, interesting, and are well designed. I found myself enjoying them more than the combat every time I played it.

The Combat

I really enjoyed the combat of this game. Grinding was always fun and didn't get stale too fast like a lot of other SMT games I've played (I'm looking at you, Devil Survivor), I assume it's because Social Links play the biggest role in leveling up. Landing a critical, or exploiting a weakness on an enemy is really satisfying, and you know what's even more satisfying? An all-out attack. All-out attacks are when all enemies on the field are knocked down, which is caused by criticals and a weakness being struck. I will not spoil it, but the games final boss is really cool, fun to fight, and it takes an incredibly long time to finish (60-90 minutes) 

The Dynamic Atmosphere

One of the first things that I noticed is the atmosphere. I really loved the way the atmosphere was drastically different depending on the time of day, with it being dark at night, and happier during the day. Which you might of noticed in the music I linked. But toward the end of the game, the world, music and atmosphere start to change, making even the world in daytime feel like a sunset, it's very melancholy.

Well that concludes my nerd-out over Persona 3! If you haven't bought this game, it's 10$ on PSN, for the PS2 classic and the PSP version I believe.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, but most importantly, the game!