Now before I throw you into the amazing thing that was once my life, I want to say that this introductory blog is my introductory blog, meaning my fist like, five, or four don't count.

Now that that's out of the way, I will begin.


On a warm summer day near the shores of lake Erie, my aunt was in the kitchen holding a device mysterious to me. It was purple, and partially transparent, I took a peek to see what she was doing, and well she was playing a remake of Super Mario Bros. Now before I get shunned for not knowing what a Gameboy Color was, I was only four! I asked her what the heck all this was and she just let me have it. I played it a little bit, but I could never finish the game, Mario's hard! I fondly remember calling the Koopas Turrkeys, and I still did up until a few years ago.  I was mostly interested in the castles Mario captured, I wanted to see inside them. 


When my parents saw that I was a hardcore guy, who played Mario on his Gameboy, they decided to bring down an old relic from their own past. What my mom carried down, was a Sega Genesis. Now as you'd expect, the first game to be rammed into that thing was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I liked all the colors and the noise it made when Sonic would get hit and lose rings, but I wasn't blown away by this game, or any of the other games (all I remember now was a Galaga spin off and an action game called Chakan, which I thought was rad) but I had no experience to base it on. After a while the Genesis broke, leaving me sad and alone.

Sunshine on the Horizon

One weekend my dad went off on his motorcycle to go down to Columbus Ohio for some motorcycle meet and greet. My mom decided to have to of my cousins stay over for the weekend. Now by this time I was five and in kindergarten. Now the one cousin brought over his Gamecube, and now that I think about it, one game. A game that would change my life forever. This game was none other than Super Mario Sunshine. This game changed me, it showed me what gaming truly was, it got me deeply involved. I remember how I only held the controller once or twice, and all I did was explore. The one thing that blew me away was the water. Even on the old TV we were was using, the water looked so crisp, clear, and blue. On the last day we went to a movie store (It was Family Video, remember those?). We rented Pokemon the movie, and before we could finish it, my cousins left. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Gear Up

Near Halloween, one day, I remember getting my paws on a PSOne. I don't remember if it was my grandpa that gave it to me (He was a big Medal of Honor, Red Faction nut) or my cousin, but one thing is clear: within that stack of discs, was one of the greatest games ever... Metal Gear Solid. The moment I heard 'The best is yet to come' as that submarine (Ohio class, oh yes knowlegd) crept through the Atlantic. I recall knowing all the lines of the entire first few scenes, especially the dialog leading up to the Hind D scene. (I didn't have a memory card, ok?). I was down right amazed by this game and my dad was too. This was good because he did all the work

To the number 1 (or 2)

One cold winters day, my mom and dad were out motorcycling with their motorcycle friends when KABLAMS. They crashed. I remember sitting in the living room doing whatever I was doing when my dad and his friend walked through the door. No words were spoken even after I said "Hey dad, where's mom?". They proceeded to the attic where they took a pair of crutches and left. Now you guys know why they took crutches, I didn't! So as you'd expect, my mom tore her knee up bad. (Right off the top of my head, I realized this story needed to be in the Sunshine story because it's why my mom had to stay home during the motorcycle meet and greet). My mom ended up making a lawsuit against the insurance company for I dunno what. But she won, and with it, a fat stack! The fat stack would be used to buy one thing (Well the only thing I noticed) A PS2. I remember walking into Circuit City (remember those?) like a cool cat. Walked out, with the greatest console of all time. Got home, opened it up-- It was beaten up, the seal was broken, all the rubber pads were messed up too! So we went back and got a new one, smooth! Now I was seven at the time, so I still didn't know what a memory card was, but I did know that I didn't have one. I also didn't have any games... We rented all our games from a local Drug Mart. There were two games I remember distinctly liking, Jak 2 and Tekken.. uh whichever one was for PS2 in 2003. Jak 2 blew me away, I absolutely loved that game. 


I could go on all day talking about the games I played for PS2, but I'm leaving it there. This is my story and I hope it was enjoyable!