Been awhile bloggers! i've been lurking you guys hardcore, and all the while drawing epic drawings! check em' out!

Title: Small Timethis was done for Aaron, randomly. this one took forever because i drew the zombies in the background in full detail, but it ended up detracting too much from the main characters, so i scrapped them and made them sillouhettes. 

Title: Spikes Cave

Yeah this is a MLP drawing, but hey, its got a dragon in it! an awesome dragon!

Title: The Pumpkin King

feeling halloween-y so I drew the infamous pumpkin king. oh yeah!

Title: Madness. Glorious Madness.

Aaron, Mray, Elisha, and myself all played Dead Island together. above is an accurate representation of what happened. minus sh*tting in pools while spinning while holding boxes. (yeah that actually happened)

Title: Elishas Madness

yeah, about this one, sometimes, if i hear madness in conversations between people, i make it come to life. don' ask how a puma in a tophat fighting a chainsaw bear came up in conversation. it just happened.


Well thats about it. I'll be doing more later.