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What to Expect From Grand Theft Auto V

Gamers have been wondering for a long time now what is in store with the next installment into Rockstar's incredibly successful series.  Where should it take place?  What should the new features be?  Well, fine reader, here are my answers (that will probably in no way come true).

1. Where should it take place?

I think Rockstar needs to break away from previous installments as much as possible in 5.  There have been a lot of innovations in video games that made a lot of the attention to detail in GTA4 a little less spectacular than they should have been (seriously, these guys think of everything).  I think to truly blow people away, you can't have just one city.  San Andreas did this well, so should GTA5.  Just learn from Red Dead Redemption that just having an extra place to roam (Mexico), doesn't make it great and can actually harm the whole experience.  I would even say, give players the entire United States.

ANSWER: The whole U.S. condensed to landmarks and tourist traps.  Bring back Americana using the trademark GTA humor and satire.  What do I think will actually happen?  I think we'll see California and maybe some Nevada again, like in San Andreas.


2. Who is the protagonist?

I think we need to get away from some norms in the series once again and allow the user to create their character.  Take new Move and Kinect cameras and allow users to even be him or herself.  The narrative of the story should be wary of this and we could take a Layer Cake approach and never even name the protagonist. 

Since we're traversing the entire country (with DLC for the entire globe.... hey, one can dream), the role should match that as well.  Instead of being scum working your way up - why not be an already well established rogue - an international arms dealer, the clean-up man for the mob, or even stick with the RDR approach and have you work as an above-the-law undercover back-to-the-wall former criminal?  Heck, do all of the above and change up the narrative as the story progresses.  Regardless, finally give us a reason for doing our missions other than being an errand boy.

ANSWER: You are!  No need for a deep role-playing system, but at least allow you to pick the character, even be the first female protagonist in the series.  Use the latest technology to put yourself into the game.  Honestly, though - I'd be surprised if they strayed too far with this one.  I would at least like it if we went back to the silent protagonist, though.


Next up: What new features should be included?  What will the story be?

  • I dunno all about all that, when I read the article I was thinking "Hey, sounds like Saints Row 2!"(Minus #3)and thats a win for me.

    GTA4 Had some features that made the game less fun like 'phone call every minute!' and...wait, is a brown/grey world a 'feature'? Whatever Rockstar did, the changes they made (ofc this is just my opinion) made GTA4 far less enjoyable than San Andreas.

    I'm usually one of the easiest people to please when it comes to games too, I forgive bugs and glitches and graphic errors and try and accept the games for what they are and what they're intended to be, and I'd concur that sometimes you need to just roll with it. Sometimes though, devs just miss and I hope in the future rockstar tweaks the GTA series back to fun instead of 'realism'.

    **** this post was much better written but then I closed the page on accident like an idiot. Oh well, hope I didnt completely obfuscate my point in this muddled mess.Sorry!

    Good post though! A good read.
  • If they do announce crazy new features in GTA V, awesome!  But then again, a next-gen version of Vice City would also be welcome IMO.  My point is, I will be purchasing GTA V when it comes out regardless, lol.

    I'm actually working on GTA IV right now, and I'm loving every minute of it.  Kudos to Rockstar for being an amazing developer, and whenever GTA V does come out, hopefully it is just as epic as GTA IV :)

  • What!? A female protagonist in a Rockstar game? Sean, you crazy! That's forward thinking, right there.

  • I liked your article.  And I agree with your close.

    But something I have said for a while that the GTA series could do amazing on is developing a game that involves small towns, and many of them.  I think that would be a great change of pace.  Think of the possibilties instead of exploring a huge, caverous city you could experience EVERYTHING that a small town offers.  Everything.

  • Thanks for the lesson.  You're ideas are really cool, but I agree to not rock the boat with GTA and do all that with a new IP.

  • I deff would like to see a female as the main character... could get revenge on her ex lover

  • some very wacky thoughts

  • I think its too early to predict GTA5. And a female protagonist is too much in a role subjected to the level of violent found in gta games. I dont even think the female community is ready for that either. I mean come on, A female shooting innocent people. The feminist group will have a field day with that. Look at the different genders and what gender roles influence. A male killing people, throwing grenades and stealing cars is not appropriate, but more acceptable in a western society rather than a female. The female is more susceptible and may bring alot of activist in the mix that might undermine what gta is trying to accomplish here. Im not saying female protangonist hasnt been done before without yielding success, but I think games objectify the female gender and thus are inclined to bad ratings by critics.

    GI did an article not too long ago of how gender roles affect gaming and it was an amazing article. You should read it in the achives somewhere.

  • Oh man I'm so glad you were joking about all those Ideas. I'd love for GTA to stay in America and just keep doing what GTAIV did. GTAIV is one of my favorite games of all time online and off, and I would hate for them to change the formula too much. A female protagonist wouldn't be to bad though. She just wouldn't fit very well into a world of criminals dominated by men.

  • @maddkilo & luke
    I think the female protaganist option worked for Saints Row 2! Theres plenty of violent female criminals out there too. I don't think they really pulled a femsploitation(now a word!) with it either. Of course Saints Row is a little sillier and 'gangsta' but there's hope for a successful female lead in a criminal setting.
  • i want it to let me be good for a change

  • lol femsploitation haha. Either way, to be honest, I dont think its a big deal. Female or not, Rockstar and its parent company, Take two interactive has lots of games on their plates including agent, bully 2, max payne and la noire. Games that did come out affiliated with rockstar is civilization 5, rdr and mafia 2 with 2k games. If Rockstar is developing GTA 5, im sure they are waiting for a new RAGE engine and they are in no hurry especially with the games that are lined up for release and of course the innitial success from rdr itself.

  • oh yeah sweet hero picture, effin amazing.

  • Oh, it makes sense to get a holodeck.  Have you ever seen what those things can do.  Just watch out for when the holograms become real and try to kill everybody.  Other than that, they're great.

  • I think being able to mod your weapons in any weapons based game is a must.  Adding moderately destructible environments, not to the extent of Red Faction, would also enrich the GTA formula.  It can be very distracting to an engrossing GTA gaming experience when you crash a [insert vehicle of choice here] into the side of a building with no environmental side effects.  Imagine how cool it would be to drive by that same crash scene a few days later to see a construction crew making repairs!  

  • I think they should add Vice City, the three cities from San Andreas (I think the rural area wasn't a city, not sure), and Liberty City. Of course they'll have to update Vice City and San Andreas. We should be able to take planes and boats between cities. That would be great for GTA 5.

  • Pretty much bring everything but the food/muscle side missions back from San Andreas and GTA V would be awesome. Add in bike, boat, helicopter, and (if they get brought back) plane customization and storage and the game would kick ass. Not to mention they could being back better looking protagonists. Niko was fat, ugly, and just a pain to look at.

  • I agree and they should work even harder on the graphics. Rockstar should add in new characters and improve everything about the graphics. They should also keep the same vehicles from GTA IV and add more. Also brand new weapons and have a complete different story line.

  • lol I believe you can see my blogs for the whole idea for GTA regarding the entire globe, being created and updated in installments such as through DLC. Who's to say that you did or did not get that from me, as I've been saying that for quite some time, but, I also make arguments that GTA should not exist otherwise. My blogs are a bit too serious and lengthy to be chosen for the main page I suppose.

    Simply, GTA should be finished, dead, left alone, unless it is an ongoing project creating the entire globe rich with detail and unlimited mission possibilities to commit crime on.

    In any case, I'm glad coming from GI it wasn't another one of those out-of-country ideas that are so tired. That simply would not be GTA. And neither would a different time period. GTA is modern America. You want different time period, see RDR. You want a different country, ask for a studio that is based in your preferred country, so as to be authentic and nail all the tiny details Rockstar does in their GTAs.

  • One thing I hope the next GTA has is ipods. I hate hearing a good song just to get out to run a mission and kill the song. IPODS.

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