Gamers have been wondering for a long time now what is in store with the next installment into Rockstar's incredibly successful series.  Where should it take place?  What should the new features be?  Well, fine reader, here are my answers (that will probably in no way come true).

1. Where should it take place?

I think Rockstar needs to break away from previous installments as much as possible in 5.  There have been a lot of innovations in video games that made a lot of the attention to detail in GTA4 a little less spectacular than they should have been (seriously, these guys think of everything).  I think to truly blow people away, you can't have just one city.  San Andreas did this well, so should GTA5.  Just learn from Red Dead Redemption that just having an extra place to roam (Mexico), doesn't make it great and can actually harm the whole experience.  I would even say, give players the entire United States.

ANSWER: The whole U.S. condensed to landmarks and tourist traps.  Bring back Americana using the trademark GTA humor and satire.  What do I think will actually happen?  I think we'll see California and maybe some Nevada again, like in San Andreas.


2. Who is the protagonist?

I think we need to get away from some norms in the series once again and allow the user to create their character.  Take new Move and Kinect cameras and allow users to even be him or herself.  The narrative of the story should be wary of this and we could take a Layer Cake approach and never even name the protagonist. 

Since we're traversing the entire country (with DLC for the entire globe.... hey, one can dream), the role should match that as well.  Instead of being scum working your way up - why not be an already well established rogue - an international arms dealer, the clean-up man for the mob, or even stick with the RDR approach and have you work as an above-the-law undercover back-to-the-wall former criminal?  Heck, do all of the above and change up the narrative as the story progresses.  Regardless, finally give us a reason for doing our missions other than being an errand boy.

ANSWER: You are!  No need for a deep role-playing system, but at least allow you to pick the character, even be the first female protagonist in the series.  Use the latest technology to put yourself into the game.  Honestly, though - I'd be surprised if they strayed too far with this one.  I would at least like it if we went back to the silent protagonist, though.


Next up: What new features should be included?  What will the story be?