...Probably because nobody cares, but hey, if everyone else is doing it I should probably give in to peer pressure and play along...

So, without further ado, and probably a lot of "oh brother, not another one - and this one from the guy who sucks", my Unranked List of Old Games I Used To Play and Really Liked:


THE DIG (aka My Intro To The Long List of Adventure Games I Loved)
I loved adventure games growing up, even played obscure ones like Return of the Phantom and The Last Express (both of which I also enjoyed).  This one was a masterpiece from LucasArts back when they made worthwhile games.  An adventure game that went beyond just pointing and clicking.

Similar Games I Also Played And Which At Some Point I Will Probably Say Were Better:
Full Throttle
Monkey Island series
Maniac Mansion series
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Kings Quest V & VI
Sam & Max (original)
Quest for Glory series
Space Quest series
Conquest of the Longbow
Gabriel Knight series
Phantasmogoria series
Grim Fandango

SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE (aka I Like Space Stuff)
I'm a geek.  There, I said it.  Shouldn't really be a surprise.  I like fantasy and sci-fi, and I really like my games to have to make me think.  Some of my favorite games of all time fall into both categories.  The one I think that did it the best is the one pictured...

But My Subconscious Says, "What About These?":
WarCraft series
Command & Conquer series
Heroes of Might & Magic series
Final Fantasy Tactics
Battle Chess
Star Wars: Rebellion
X-Com series
Valkyria Chronicles

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (or X-Wing, or TIE Fighter, or X-Wing:Alliance)
This series was AWESOME.  Am I right?  Of course I am.  It made the entire Star Wars universe feel more alive because you were part of bigger battles that were part of the bigger scope of what was going on.  Sure, we may just be a tiny spark exploding outside the Emperor's chambers in Return of the Jedi ("Your faith in your friends is yours!... something, something... Dark Side!"), but at least it was good Star Wars.

Blowing Up Stuff From a Cockpit Is Cool:
Wing Commander series (Mark Hamill FTW)
Freespace series
Stunt Island
hmm... seems this genre fared even worse than adventure games...


So I guess this is really kind of me as a gamer in a nutshell.  Sure, I've played Final Fantasy games, BioShock, Uncharted 2, etc.  And sure I played the Zelda games and the Metroid games and the other slew of really amazing titles that have come out in the 27 years I've been breathing, and I've enjoyed them all.  But that isn't what separates me from the crowd, and these above games do establish my fringe experience a little more.  And because lists are easy fun, here's one last one to end my utterly pointless blog (please stop reading these and move on to something interesting).


Other Games I Liked But I Don't See Mentioned Very Much:
Jet Moto 2
MVP Baseball 2003
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
MTV Music Generator
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
Betrayal at Krondor
Police Quest series
The Adventures of Willy Beamish
Altered Beast
Konker's Bad Fur Day
Road Rash series
Star Wars Arcade


Um... Maybe I just like games.