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Vault Spelunking: The First Delve

Delve I

Here at Game Informer, we have what is affectionately called The Vault, where we have kept all of the games that have been sent to us in our 18 or so year history.  One of the great perks of working here is the ability to take those games and "rent" them, so that the staff can experience the rich amount of forgotten games.

To my great disappointment, I did not know years ago I would have this vast collection available, so I don't have any of my old systems anymore. 

Just for kicks, and to pass the time, I thought I'd periodically throw up some quick reviews of what I have recently played from the vault.

Now that I have fairly long mass transit commutes to and from work, I invested in a used PSP-2000 from GameStop and have raided the vault.  Here's some recent games:

Field Commander - 7/10
Mediocre turn-based strategy game with some charm, but repetitive gameplay and uninspired UI.

God of War: Chains of Olympus - 9/10
Every bit GOW as its PS2 counterparts.  A little short and lacking innovation, but awesomely fun nonetheless.

Sid Meier's Pirates! - 8/10
I didn't really notice its lack of any instructions since I was addicted to the PC version.  A fun port of a great game that has a few quirks, but is worth the adventure.

Metal Gear Portable Ops Plus - 7/10
This is where I probably differ from a lot of gamers.  I didn't like the concept - I wanted MGS, not MG:Kidnapper.

Playstation 3
No, I am not some crazy Sony fanboy.  I just happen to play mostly Sony's consoles because of the library, Blu-Ray, and convenience.  You can see from my console list all of the consoles I have played and owned, I just by coincidence only have Sony ones now (other than my son's DS).

inFamous - 8/10
I really enjoyed this game - by late in the second act.  Getting there was a grind, and unfortunately the game started to get very repetitive.  The world also started to seem stale after a while.  An amazing romp with some great concepts, just a little less than I had hoped for.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - 9/10
The only thing I didn't like about this game is that it ended (and that ending was very disappointing).


That pretty much rounds out my Vault diving for the past month.

Because this was fun, and how I am testing our blogging user experience, expect at least one more.


  • I totally agree with your assessment of inFamous.  I can't wait to see it refined further in a sequel.  

  • Try Untold Legends out. that was the very first psp game I got back in 2005. it's purely mindless hack'n slash dungeon crawling, but I remember having a lot of fun with it.

  • Dig out Beyond Good & Evil if you have never played it.  It's such a great game, and never got the recognition it deserved.  Not really replayable, but somehow I still played through about three times even though it was pretty much the same every time.  Go for the PS2 version, I'm assuming it was the best. (only ever played it on there)

  • Thanks for the suggestions, guys, I'll let you know how I feel about them during the next round.

  • Staff

    I keep thinking the same Sean - I need to go re-accquire a Genesis, Dreamcast, and a Neo Geo!!

  • You should take some pictures of the vault so we can see it.  That'd be awesome.

  • Calvin and Hobbes! <3 <3 <3

    I saw the vault in a picture in GI a while back. It is one of the main reasons I am always saying how jealous I am of you guys.

    I hope to see more of these "spelunking" expeditions!

  • Man I wish that I had a "vault" you"re so lucky.

    Pirates is a great game, I still play it after a couple years. Infamous also rocks but did get a little stale twords the end.


  • I rue the day I sold my Dreamcast.

  • Looking at my list of consoles I owned, I keep thinking how awesome it would be to have this immense video game room with a different game manufacturer in each corner: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and an etc. corner for Sega and Apple and maybe a PC rig.

    Wow...  I now have a mission...

  • @Annette Gonzalez

    pfff, I rue the day I lost my Dreamcast. Had it, then I didnt. Have no memeory of what happened to it, just suddenly stopped playing it, and forgot about it.

  • memory, memory!!! *** my spellign!!

  • I wish I could easily get games for a Dreamcast. There's a liquor store nearby that has a Dreamcast on the shelf (in plain sight) for $80.

  • the only reason i read this is for the calvin and hobbes comic at the top.  good stuff.  

  • lol MG: Kidnapper

  • I am jealous of your vault. Good lineup of games, you may just unearth something new for me.

  • a really good psp game i think everyone should at least try is kingdom of paradise. its been out for a while and was one of the first psp games available for purchase digitally on the psp, for any psp go owners out there, but its a really great game with a lot to it plenty of rpg elements to it but at the same time a lot of action hack and slash gameplay to enjoy.

  • I know I know. I should be commenting on your ratings. However I'm just saying major kudos for the Calvin and Hobbes. Such a wonderful comic.

  • Why only sony is what I am left 2 wonder

  • The ending to Arkham Asylum was terrible.