"As I've said many times, the future is already here. It's just not very evenly distributed."
-William Ford Gibson, acclaimed Sci-Fi author and creator of the term, 'cyberspace'

It's Halloween 2009 and when you think about it, the past is often the inspiration for costume ideas; characters from classic movies or stories, figures from history, fairy tales and of course, girls who just want to dress ***.

Tomorrow, on Day of the Dead and All Saints' Day, believers honor figures and loved ones of their past. But before you don that Billy Mays zombie costume, take a moment to appreciate the fact that the future has finally arrived.

Jedi Mind, Inc. has developed software that will not only change the world of gaming forever, it will change the world itself. Working in tandem with the Emotive wireless headset (seen at left), brain waves are used to control and move objects in a game.

Prototype demonstrations during previous game shows and technophile websites have shown the ability to lift and raise objects, push, pull and rotate them as well - all by thinking it. Also, a chat program creates a face that represents your own - reading the neurons through your headset, the face actually reflects real-time expressions as you make them.

The first game is scheduled to launch by this Christmas; and consumers will be able purchase the game online for only $49. The headset is tentatively priced at around $299 USD

I must give kudos to whoever named the company.  You won't be able to make your boss let you off work or have girls come over and make you a sammich, but the Emotive headset is as 'Pong' was to the video game industry - the start of something big.

Although Jedi Mind, Inc. has chosen to launch its amazing technology in the obvious realm of entertainment, the possibilities are endless. The programs are being developed for controlling wheelchairs, household appliances, and even a car.

Details on the launch are scarce and highly guarded - YouTube videos show the headset being used with both a PC and an XBox 360 controller, so it's not clear as to how we will be able to try it out. The game is said to be family friendly, but more graphic and story-intense games will soon be developed for your favorite consoles, as well.

Give me pop tarts, you must!!

I wish there was a way for me to get paid for every time someone pretends to control their friends or significant others with the headset.

Gaming smack talk will now include:

  • "Your powers are weak, old man."
  • "Use the Force, Luke!"
  • "Good one, Professor X"
  • "I sense a disturbance in my pants"
  • "Hey, what do you know - you DO have a brain!"

Feel free to add to the list.

All joking aside, this technological advance is history in action. I'll be watching this company closely and looking forward to the day when I, too, can use The Force!!